New Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII Screenshots

Video Game Generation has posted some screenshots of the upcoming Blazing Angels 2. Due out sometime this August.

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Diselage5002d ago

These screens are looking a lot better than the first, hopefully the gameplay is better as well.

ironwolf5002d ago

blew chunks; why should this one be any different?

Mishmash195002d ago

why do companies invest in making sequels to games that do not sell or play well??? this happens all too often. not many people rave on how blazing angels was a stellar game...

i know killzone could fit in the category as some people will argue, but it actually was not that bad of a game. it was way better when compared to blazing angels or other crap like that.

Diselage5002d ago

This seems to be a trend as of late hasn't it? Ace Combat, this title, and theres a few other. Why invest in sequels of this crap when there's plenty of other IP's that are older that would have sequels really well received. Personally i would love to see Bloodwake 2 and i'm sure that sequel would sell more than Blazing Angels 2 and Ace combat 6 combined.

KoolMan5002d ago

then wait a few more months 4 one of the best game comoing to ps3