Mass Effect 2 Won't Be Charging for DLC on Launch Day, Details Coming Next Week

Earlier today, details on Mass Effect 2 DLC leaked. The details noted that DLC would be available on or around the release of the game, which enraged gamers that BioWare would be charging for content available from day one. BioWare has since cleared the issue up by offering a statement on Twitter.

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GaMa853290d ago

That ending was so unexpected! Even ask BrinkGOTY2010!

3290d ago
dgroundwater3290d ago

While it would be naive to hope that this means free DLC; Bioware will definitely pull the same tricks as they did with Dragon Age.

I will pass on early DLC as it's usually not worth the points. Buy Perfect Dark instead!

evrfighter3290d ago

of course it won't be on launch day

It'll be the day after

RememberThe3573290d ago

lol I thought the same exact thing!

monkey6023290d ago

I'm thinking it will be launch day DLC and it will be free. If you look at the likes of Steam or wherever else is doing pre-orders they all have the Cerberus Network DLC as a bonus. That is what people have caught wind of and think is paid extra content.
Like people said in the previous piece on this topic... It's an incentive for people to buy the game new not used.

meepmoopmeep3290d ago

is correct

can't wait to get ME2

my friend is getting it on Steam.
i'm a console gamer. PC is for uber losers :)

Pandamobile3290d ago

can't wait to get ME2

my friend is getting it on Xbox 360
i'm a PC gamer. Cpnsoles are for uber losers :)

meepmoopmeep3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )


glad you'll enjoy it

to others...
"why so serious?"

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MSpence5163290d ago

Before any one starts bashing this early DLC, think of Borderlands. The Borderlands DLC came out only a few weeks after the games release. People said 'there is already so much on the disk that it could not be included' to justify this.

For those that played ME1, you know that ME was a large game and this would be the same case as Borderlands. But of course, from the article earlier it is not getting the same justification because it does not come out on both consoles like Borderlands.

Before you start the hypocrisy, just sit and think about Borderlands and how it received a free pass because it was not a console exclusive.

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