MAG Beta 5.0 Statistics

MAG Blog: If you remember our box art reveal last month, then you may also remember that we coupled statistics from MAG Beta 4.0 and 4.5 right alongside it. Now, the numbers from the open testing period that ended last Sunday (MAG Beta 5) have arrived too – and in fine Zipper tradition, we wanted to share some of those stats with you, our dedicated fans.

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Dylantalon13250d ago

i cant wait to buy M.A.G, , its truly an amazing game.

Chubear3250d ago

Every time I see an article about MAG I get giddy. lol. I think work might keep me from MAG for a couple of weeks but as soon as free time comes up... MAG ALL DAY BABY!! WOOOOT! lol

WildArmed3250d ago

ditto, it was a blast to play RAWR

unrealgamer583250d ago

rapid assualt ftw

Raven ftw also =]

BBAM3250d ago

S.V.E.R ftw!

I wasn't too sure about this game up to the open beta, I was always edgy about how well it would work, not just from a connection point of view, but also how the mass war would work.

The verdict after playing the beta is f'in awesome. It's now definately a day one purchase for me. I was amazed at how drawn into the whole 'shadow war' I was, feels like every match has more of a communal purpose than just personal gain. Kudos to zipper

And see any other people online come late jan!

Killzonegamer843250d ago

Over 1 million downloads. It was a great beta, definitley getting on day 1.. SVER 4 life!

Nitrowolf23250d ago

i played the beta a few timed after it went open, i love how it requires team work, no running and gunning on your own, thats the issue i see with allot of my buds who are dissapointed in it most of them are those people who only run and gun

jerethdagryphon3250d ago

mag is not for someoen who wants small arena style maps or a run and gun eperience, this is how it should be

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The story is too old to be commented.