College News reviews: The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces

CN: "The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces is basically Ace Combat for the Nintendo Wii, with a few teaks and modifications. That's all you really need to know. Even if you aren't familiar with Project Aces unparalleled mastery of the arcade flight simulator genre, there's still the fact that Innocent Aces has a very, very affordable price tag of $30 Admittedly, it's a tad on the short side and might not have the graphical prowess to rival other Nintendo Wii games, but despite that, it's still a criminally undervalued game that everyone should dare to take a risk with."

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pcz3250d ago

Looks wicked! I think a surprise win for the wii. I have read reviews of this game where it got dissed throughout the entire review and still get 9/10.

This game could do really well, now all they need to do is advertise it. I mean, i knew nothing about this game a week ago!

tehk1w13250d ago

Yeah --it's published by XSeed. They usually don't spend a lot on marketing but they import some of the best, most kickass games in Japan and bring em to the States.

pcz3250d ago

Im glad we are getting it in uk too. I saw the US trailer on youtube with some of the anime cutscenes and its amazing.

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