Yamauchi: GT5 is is only "90%" complete

VG247: Remember Gran Turismo 5 getting delayed earlier this week from its planned March release date in Japan? Here's why: it isn't finished yet.

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ukilnme3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I am glad it's taking this long. It has to live up to the standard that has been set by Forza 3.

Edit: LMAO. 6 disagrees already and so far and every reply is from people that are already on my ignore list. I've had my fun. Thanks guys.

TheHater3288d ago

But what standard did Forza set?

Maddens Raiders3288d ago

PD always seems to find a way to surprise me. Only 90% complete? That is simply incredible to say the least. Looks like this will be ((the)) Gran Turismo of the PS3. A beast for the ages indeed.

frankymv3288d ago

I fell out of my chair laughing at the stupidity of your comment.

Bungie3288d ago

have to agree with ukilnme

truth hurt

not that GT5 will be a bad's still day 1 buy

Harry_Manback3288d ago

I'm confused here...are we talking about Gran Turismo 4?

I thought this article was on Gran Turismo 5.

Greywulf3288d ago

What standard has Forza3 set.. that wasn't already allegedly set by Forza2?

rezenu3288d ago

I'm curious about this standard talk as well.

Gran Touring3288d ago

Polyphony digital is one of the most talented developers out there. Let them take their time. It's not like it needs years more development time, just a few months.

Aquanox3288d ago


At this pace, it'll have to live up to the standard of Forza 4 :S

jammy_703288d ago

any1 know when its cumin out in UK?

pippoppow3288d ago

Sony does not rush out their games. Kind of like how Blizzard releases their games when they say it's done. PD probably could have released the game already and get over 7+mil in sales easy with high ratings and be working on GT6 already but they didn't. PD shows the amount of pride and dedication they have by holding off releasing a product not fully realized and Sony having the confidence in them to deliver a top quality game.

ico923288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

the 1st gran turismo took like what 6 years to make and its widley considered to be ,not just one of the greatest racing sims of all time but also one of the most innovative, and greatest games of all time it will be well worth the wait. it will be a huge critical and commercial success regardless of what the haters say.

The-Warranty3288d ago

Lol look at all the GT haters coming out of the woodwork to bash it, GT definitely got that Halo effect on them.

Arnon3288d ago

Or we're just kind of baffled at the fact that PD told us the game was finished back in 2009, and we're now being told it's 90% done.

rockleex3288d ago

Because Gran Turismo is Halo's biggest threat, other than Modern Warfare (which is multiplat).

Its alright Bungie. Sales does not equal quality anyways. You can be sure that although GT5 will beat Halo's numbers once again, Halo's quality will not be affected by it one bit.

Heck, you just might be able to finally play Halo in 720p once Reach comes out... maybe. ^_~

DERKADER3288d ago

As great as a developer PD is, they have the worst public relations. I can't wait for this game oh wait actually I can. I've been waiting almost 2 years since prologue came out, and I know its going to be a great game but I'm not convinced that it will justify 5 years development time. I hope I'm proven wrong.

StanLee3288d ago

90% complete? Does this mean it may not be released until year's end?

RumbleFish3288d ago

I am really a SONY fan, own all SONY consoles and no other console, GT and MGS are my favorite franchises, but: wasn't Yamauchi saying, that they can release GT 5 anytime they want? And that was several months ago...

After Prologue and the time trial demo I am really worried about the game's engine and it's performance. Even the downgraded grafx of the demo are not performing perfectly.

Oh, btw Bungie and ukilnme: WTF?

ukilnme3288d ago


It's N4G. I was just having some fun.

Bathyj3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Stop panicing people.

Yes they said the game was finished before, but it pretty obvious they've rethought what finished means. They just keep adding more and more to this game.

Does 90% mean they still have 100 cars and 9 tracks to do? No, all of the content like that will be done already. They are simply adding more features.

It might have been finished enough to release but they want more in it, like the head tracking, the GPS, the online modes, even the track editor will make it I bet.

You should be glad PD is a dev that will take its time and put these things in now while they can polish them, rather than patch them in later and charge you for DLC.

GT does not follow Forzas footsteps. From day one its been Forza thats stared with envious eyes and wanted so bad to be GT. And the XBoxers so badly wanted it too.

Hate to sound corny but, often imitated, never duplicated. Thats all, I wouldnt have mentioned Forza if you hadn't brought it up like something bad stuck in your throat.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3288d ago

Standards set by Forza? What???!1!1

CrazzyMan3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Something like 1080p, 60Fps, 16 cars, 200k polygons per car.


Just look at this first comment and all its replies... 360 guys should stop complaining there is so many more PS3 fanboys now and they get in every 360 news and bwah wah wah...

Thinks look pretty even for me, which is, too much on both camps.

cyberwaffles3288d ago

saying forza has set the standard for racing sims is pretty arrogant. there's no denying that Turn 10 made a good racer out of forza 3, but it will never live to the legacy set up by PD and the GT series. i can bet you money that forza and project gotham racing were only made because microsoft wanted a counter measure against GT and tried to have the same success as it.

PD is endorsed by big name car manufacturer companies and a lot of real life racers has used GT games for track references and sometimes simulated practice. when people think true racing sims, they automatically think of GT. forza might be a close second, but GT's popularity and mainstay for it's genre makes it the king for racing sims.

boodybandit3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

so why are you bringing it up in the first place?
Reported as off topic not that it will make a dent on this site.
I would really love to hear your opinion of these supposed standards Forza 3 set especially from a guy that hasn't played it. Funny how you mock N4G when it' comments like yours as to why this site is nothing but a cluster f##k where nearly every article turns into a p!ssing contest.

Unlike you I have actually played Forza 3. Actually I am only a couple days of casual play from completing all the events on the event list. It's a fine racing game but I don't see any new standards being raised by it. It is basically Forza 2 with slightly improved visuals and some cool new tracks. Hardly a trend setter.

GT5 will be released when it's done and I'm sure it will be another excellent game from PD.

RumbleFish3287d ago

1.24 - We shall talk, when Forza pass GT5 Prologue standarts:
Something like 1080p, 60Fps, 16 cars, 200k polygons per car.

it's a shame for a GT, but the 60 frames are not really performing perfectly. And I suspect this is the reason why the game is delayed: the have problems getting the engine perform perfectly. GT 3 and GT 4 were performing perfectly with 60 fps, no slowdowns, no tearing. And I pray for GT 5 doing so as well. My only hope is, that they don't prefer grafic quality over performance.

The dropping framerate and the tearing are annoying in GT 5 Prologue!

FACTUAL evidence3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

"only 90% complete", but didn't PD say that they could release GT5 at ANY time?...just sick of waiting. I'll pass.

Ausbo3287d ago

I don't know about you, but i play games not tech specs. 1080p is great but im not gonna throw a fit if it is 720p.

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timotei3288d ago

Spin that title, bot

Yamauchi: GT5 is is only "90%" complete

Grade 3 education, FTW

Killzonegamer843288d ago

The rewind while racing feature.. DUH, that will forever set standards for games to come in future generations and beyond. :)

TheHater3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

wasn't that in Dirt or Dirt 2?

Edit: @Johnny Cullen
Thanks for the correction.

Johnny Cullen3288d ago

Race Driver: Grid, actually.

saint_john_paul_ii3288d ago

yes because rewinding a game is so revolutionary, so....Casual...

GT fans dont care about such a stupid feature. thats pretty much easy mode. GT fans are too hardcore for this. i would vomit if i say that stupid feature in GT.

Obelisk923288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Made Forza 3 a boring game.

I don't play it anymore because it was so easy. I stil have to lose a single race in the whole game.

thereapersson3288d ago

These people love games with no skill required to do anything.

Bathyj3288d ago

Just curious, would they be the same people who found Killzone hard to aim, but love CoD's autosnap noobloving aim mechanism?

shadow27973287d ago

Hey guys, wasn't he being sarcastic? Hence the "DUH" and the ":)".

15 Disagrees, sheesh.

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