Gaming For The Family...or...How To Get Your Kids To Give You A Turn

Amy Nelson debuts her premiere article on The Goozex Report. She has five children and has noticed a disturbing trend through the years: if you teach your kids how to play video games, they won't give them back. We thought it was so cute the first time my oldest laughed while slapping my keyboard to make Elmo pop up and say "Peekaboo." Little did we know how quickly that would translate to "Hey, can I borrow your computer.......FOREVER" We sadly watched as soon they began to out number us (and our controllers), and found ourselves saying things like, "Remember when we used to play video games?" Short of throwing ourselves on the floor and screaming, "I want a turn" there seemed little else to do but to give up the controllers and take up knitting (or whatever it is people who don't play video games do with all that extra time).

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SeanScythe3197d ago

Easy Get the Hell out my way and give me the controler if you ever want to play again. I pay the MFing bills around here not you.

retrovertigo3197d ago

Obviously with a suggestion like his, SeanScythe is not a parent.

RedDragan3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Yes, except this is where your kid will promptly throw your once working controller at the wall, shattering it into a million pieces.


Maddens Raiders3197d ago

or much of anything else, quite frankly.

JimmyJames703197d ago

This is a pretty funny article.

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