The 9 Most Exciting Games of 2010 that aren't Sequels

Troy Bond of TheGameReviews writes: "2010 might well be another Year of the Sequel contender, with major titles like Final Fantasy XIII, StarCraft II, Mass Effect 2 and God of War III on the way. But even this early into 2010, we've already seen the release of hotly anticipated original titles like Darksiders and Bayonetta, both of which appear good enough to compete with the high quality rehash some other titles will provide. We are always keen to celebrate originality here at TGR, so here are some more of 2010's noteworthy standalone games - in alphabetical order."

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Haly3291d ago

Really looking forward to Heavy Rain. I'm expecting it to be a flawed gem, much like Fahrenheit

Jamescagney3291d ago

Same here, although I don't think Fahrenheit was that flawed. It went off a bit at the end, but on the whole it was top notch.

Anyway, can't wait.

FangBlade3291d ago

But where the hell is M.A.G !?

bessy673291d ago

MAG isn't on the list because everyone's saying it's mediocre...

Brock Danger3291d ago

Yea, I'm tempering my expectations for Heavy Rain since I've played Omikron and Fahrenheit, which were both interesting games that had some truly unique mechanics, but ultimately completely fell apart by the end due to plot and some downright awful control systems.

That being said, this game looks great and addresses a niche style I've been hoping for for quite a while. Here's to hoping Cage truly pulls it off this time.

raztad3291d ago


Who is "everyone"?

Many people is loving MAG regardless the haters.

I'm pretty sure MAG is more exciting than Star Trek Online, or other games listed in that article.

RememberThe3573291d ago

but it becomes something much more fun the more you get into it.

ReservoirDog3163290d ago

Besides the last page, I'm looking forward to nearly all of these. Especially Epic Mickey and Alan Wake.

Oh and it's missing Red Dead Revolver. God that looks good.

Bathyj3290d ago

I'm not an online player as I've said many times before, but MAG seem like heaven for people who like a tactical shooter.

Its no wonder people who only play autoaim friendly shooters like CoD and Halo wont get it, just like they didnt get Killzone. Their loss.

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cain1413291d ago

Heavy rain looks pretty interesting...

BetaChris3291d ago

I got to spend some hands on time with Heavy Rain last week, and I left very impressed - so much so, that I immediately proceeded to preorder it. It's got almost a Shenmue feel to it, has a story that is intriguing, to say the least, and a level of immersion you wouldn't expect from a game that initially might have seemed like a digital novel.

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cain1413291d ago

I want to see more on alan wake still...

catch3291d ago

I'm surprised they didn't mention White Knight Chronicles

ps360owner093291d ago

White Knight Chronicles has been out in japan since December 2008

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