GamesRadar: 8 reasons you should never attend CES

GamesRadar writes: "Let's be blunt. Last week's Consumer Electronics Show was a flop and, from a gaming perspective, a full-on, colossal letdown. An expo that once played host to some of the most important events in videogame history – such as the legendary moment when Nintendo turned its back on partner Sony, thus creating its own archrival – is a completely different experience today.

Apparently, "consumer electronics" no longer includes our beloved pastime, and the gaming industry appears to have only a passing interest in exhibiting at the annual tech show. What's left to write about, then? Only disappointment, desperation and depression. To prove this to you, here are nine compelling reasons – with photographic evidence – why you should just avoid CES altogether. We wish we had."

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ASSASSYN 36o3223d ago

"frustratingly completionist creatures that will take dictator-like control over a station and refuse to budge until they have exhausted every last potential ounce of gameplay."


Sunny_D3223d ago

I feel so sorry for the entrepenuers, but the face on that guy is hilarious!

Rumor3223d ago

LMFAO!!!! This article is fukin hilarious!!! NICE ONE guys.

LMBO at the feeling like a failure one hahaha

RAZORLAND3223d ago

I'm glad someone said it.

kratos1233223d ago

i loled at most of those guys lost their jobs with the resecion7 and 4 made me sade why put a picture with it that totaly screwed me up from insede

KillerPwned3223d ago

I want that banner that shows a baby geting wacked in the face by a briefcase. That was insanely epic..

003223d ago

I need to start visiting GamesRader more.

3222d ago