GamesRadar: Games that are doomed to die in 2010

GamesRadar writes: "With the possible exception of unexplainable, extraordinary inspiration, the factors which define a game's quality are roughly quantifiable. The success of a game, however, involves slightly more chance, as the variables are less precise. When is the best time to launch a new PS3 exclusive FPS? Is there a market for fighting games on the Wii? The Western audience likes Final Fantasy – shouldn't it like other Japanese RPGs? These answers can be approximated with figures and graphs and surveys and other things you'd find on boring people's desks, but regardless, there's not always a definable reason why one game succeeds and another flops."

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blitz06233201d ago

1. Resonance of Fate isn't releasing on the same day as FF13
2. It's not PS3 exclusive. If they knew that they probably wouldn't have put that on the list

Kittenz3201d ago

They wouldn't have put it on their list because why? Because you think they're out to destroy the PS3? You do know a lot of the people who write for Gamesradar also write for PTOM right??

ScoobyDrew3201d ago

Red Dead Redemption is gonna be awesome... don't know what these guys are talking about

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