White Knight Chronicles International Edition Online Tutorial

Playstation Blog writes:

"Happy Friday, everyone!

So we're less than three weeks away from the release of White Knight Chronicles International Edition on February 2! The folks over at IGN just put up our latest video outlining the online experience and covering its various features including the GeoNet and Georama!

The talented team at Level-5 has done a fantastic job of integrating the offline and online experiences, so be sure to check out the latest video below for more info."

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blitz06235069d ago

didn't expect this game to be THIS good. Now I'm more hyped. *preordering*

aftrdark215069d ago

I just got to find some time to fit it in. I still have to finish AC2, Demon's Souls, GOW Collection and a few others. Whew it's just too many good games out right now. Then of March is coming...

FamilyGuy5069d ago

I can go into (pretty much) user created towns and buy things from the shops they've added. That's actually really cool and fighting online with friends makes this like an mmo though i doubt you'll be able to transform into the white knight during those fights.

I've always been interested in this game but this video and the one on the PS Store that came out this week really brought up my anticipation for he game and it's out in less than 3 weeks!

It's town creation kinda reminds me of the first Dark Cloud game, though unlike that game it won't be a necessity. I think I'm gonna go scout some guild members within my psn friends today

rebirthofcaos5069d ago

i cant wait to play it. Im not going to purchase ff13

Ninji5069d ago

Unless WKC2 gets released this year.

Blackcanary5069d ago

the way dude this game is massive and the mobs in this game are huge to...

SuperStrokey11235069d ago

Im so pumped for this, was the online part and the city parts in the japanese release? Im pretty sure the online stuff was but i have no idea about the city stuff.

My guess is the city stuff will kinda start out neat and then once everyone has essentially the same stuff it will all drop off unless they can find a way to force a balanced economy.

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RETRO Review - White Knight Chronicles (PS3)

Grab your longsword, shield and round up the fantasy archetypes - there are Ice Dragons afoot!

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Memorable Music in Gaming #21

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

I am kicking things off by going back to a familiar well here - with a song from the Neverwinter Nights soundtrack. This is still arguably one of my favorite music scores in a video game ever, but I decided to lead off with it and then create something of a theme as I decided to pull all of this edition's songs from RPG games.

Neverwinter Nights (PC) - Battle - Forest Boss

I touched on the somewhat mystical quality of another Neverwinter Nights song last week when discussing City Docks Day. There were a lot of really good battle tunes in this one, but the Forest Boss song always stood out in my mind. The battle itself was not even the most memorable one, but right around the one minute mark, it reaches an epic level that just stuck with me.


The ten last-gen games that should have "HD Remasters"

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Below are the ten games we'd like to see make their way to the new generation of consoles this year. Or, perhaps, game collections that could be pulled together into a single disc package for even better value as we have seen other recent HD/ Remaster releases."

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Snookies123242d ago

B-But FFXII isn't last-gen. I'd love to see it remastered regardless though. Brilliantly fun game, I just disliked the story unfortunately.

hkgamer3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

story was ok, but very unlike the other ff storylines where there is a clear villian.

i just want the game for vita/ps4. international zodiac version would be interesting to play but i hope that the original glitches(?) are still there.

i had more fun breaking the game then playing the game properly.

would also be cool if they added dual wielding. would make some rare weapons actually useful.

MrSwankSinatra3242d ago

I really would like to see a HD Remaster of both Twilight Princess & Skyward Sword. Those games deserve to be in HD

Relientk773242d ago

Are you saying that they could make Ni no Kuni look even better, because I would like to see that.

hkgamer3241d ago

they could easily make that game look better. just make it as detailed as the animation. the 3d models had a lot less detail.

not saying it didnt look nice, just saying it could be improved a lot.

DougLord3242d ago

NONE - lets keep remakes to games from 2-3 gens ago!