TVG: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days - First Look Preview

TVG writes: "A life of crime might get you decades in the slammer but, if the plot behind IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch series is anything to go by, then at least there's the opportunity for some travelling when you're on the outside. The Danish developer's 2007 original, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, had the pair flip-flopping between Los Angeles and Tokyo in the first half of the game - before they moved on to Havana and Venezuela during the latter stages - while this incoming sequel takes place in the hustle and bustle of Shanghai, China. It's the city's population density that's precisely the reason why IO has chosen Shanghai as Kane & Lynch 2's setting (not because it has the smallest range of recorded temperatures of any densely populated area in the world, between 19.4 degrees Celsius at its coldest and 35.8 degrees Celsius at its hottest)."

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