BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Portable Coming March 2010 in North America

Aksys Games officially anounced today that the portable version of the hit Blazblue Calamity Trigger that was released on the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 will be appearing on the PSP in North America around March 2010.

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NovusTerminus3196d ago

Alright! Best fighting game of 2009 now comes to the PSP! I will be getting this without a doubt!

Megaton3196d ago

From one BlazBlue fan to another, be careful when you praise any fighting game other than Street Fighter IV around here. Lots of Clone Fighter fans at N4G.

GameGambits3196d ago

I love SF4, but there was just no way you could deny as a fighting game fan the amazingness of Blazblue. The game mechanics to avoid projectiles, and corner campers was great. Plus pulling off insane air juggle combos on people after tons of practice was really satisfying.

As for 2010 SSF4 looks REALLY improved for the online, characters, and the necessary tweaks to characters. While so far in the arcade of BB Continuum Shift there isn't much aside from Hazama and Tsubaki added. Of course Hazama looks really awesome, but hopefully they add more characters like Jubei for the sequel, because right now I'm way more looking forward to SSF4 than BBCS, but I'll be playing both. :D

As for this PSP version I'm not that gung-ho for it... I'll wait for a review to see what it offers. :)

Baka-akaB3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )


Really ? you must not follow fighting games news and threads here then ...

So far the consensus has been that for some odd reason sf4 sucks , and that ssf4 will too . Instead of just admitting that other great games existed besides blazblue the past year .

Of course its the same vocal haters , but , like the name imply , they are vocal ..

Anyway Balzblue was indeed awesome , or rather still is . Can't wait for Continuum shift and it's welcomed balance fixes and the magnifiscient Hazama/Terumi .


Nah they'll keep jubei and the hidden legendary warriors for other times . The changes come elsewhere and are plentiful .

Some character are so modified and rebalanced that they are basically new ones .. starting with Arakune , Rachel and V-13 .

As for the psp version , i can't say that i care , the original offered remote play already , thought it wont be as smooth and optimized obviously as having the real deal on psp .

Redempteur3195d ago

i have the ps3 version of blazblue and i only started recently to get around with it ( too many games ) and i'm loving it ... so 'ill pass on this psp version because i don't like the PSP d-PAD ( for fighting games ) and i kinda have already the game :)

Ravage273195d ago

blazblue IS awesome, i never really got into fighting games but got addicted to blazblue the moment i pop it into my PS3. i especially love the uniqueness of each character (art style and moveset design), sf4 may have more characters but most of them feels like ryu-clones and it just bores me.

Megaton3195d ago

@Baka - Last time I declared BlazBlue head-and-shoulders beyond SFIV, I got a tidal wave of disagrees, and someone with an Akuma avatar QQing.

Baka-akaB3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )


That pales compared to BB fanboys or sf haters imo . if anything it just shows how stupidity isnt exclusive :p .

Still just follow any sf4 or ssf4 related news posted here , and you'll notice the same trolls talking trash about the games . Especially one ( probably have me on ignore already) , who didnt even played the game a week , yet pretend he knows all about it (wich LOL , i guess makes him better than daigo or justin wong then ).

Personally i dont place either one above the other . I feel that obviously both are of way different styles , and got their strenghts . if there is one area where BB is obviously better it's with the game modes (what a brilliant Sp mode , almost rpg/datim sims like) and the best use of online in any fighting game ever .

But when it comes to the core , the gameplay , it's all personal tastes , with both games being quite deep and hard to truly master , and with both games having balances issues to fix .

Between both games , hd remakes , tekken , even kof (but to an extent and offline) , it was a thrilling and awesome year for fighting games . The best part being it's not even over in 2010 for both mentioned franchises .

Megaton3195d ago

I love just about every fighting game under the sun. I don't have a problem with SF4, but I wouldn't call it deep at all. It's the same game it was 20 years ago when I played it in the arcades as a kid. Same clones, same ridiculously simple moves for the clones, and the same lousy charging movesets for everyone else. Doesn't mean it's a bad game, it's just not as good as BlazBlue, in my opinion. I love the Guilty Gear style fighters.

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bigjclassic3195d ago

Blazblue was decent but lacked in comparison to GGXX:AC, still play BB, but all of my tournament buddies have moved on from it.

Baka-akaB3195d ago

no offense but werent you against a tatsunoko port on 360/ps3 , and now you want blazblue ?