Greenberg: The Future Is Bright for Japanese Dev

There has been a lot of talk recently about the decline of the Japanese videogame market, and several developers believe that in order to survive, they must "go West" and appeal to a worldwide audience. While chatting with Microsoft executive and part-time druid Aaron Greenberg, Destructoid asked what he thought about the state of Japan.

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Terry Tate3196d ago

More evidence that Natal is being made as a last ditch effort to get some real sales in the Japanese market. We can hate on it all we want, but it just might be right up their alley.

Roper3163196d ago

not if the make their games for the 360 it isn't. Japanese devs need to stay with the Wii & the PS3 where their games sell and they need to worry less about westernizing their games because they are losing more sales then they are gaining by ruining the essence of what a Japanese game is.