Update - PS3 3.15 System Software

Just a quick note to let you know that firmware update 3.15, an optional update that was released in early December, is now a mandatory update. You can read about the contents of the update in the original post here.

In addition to the features that were communicated back in December, the update also improves system stability during use of some PlayStation 3 software. If you've already performed the update, there's no need to do anything. If you are using an older version of the firmware, you will be prompted to update when you start up your system and when you access any network features.

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mushroomwig5069d ago

I wonder why they've decided to make it mandatory.

RedDragan5069d ago

I suppose it puts all machines in parity ready for the next firmware update.

mushroomwig5069d ago

That sounds like good news to me then!

Firmware 3.20 here we come. :P (Or whatever version it will be)

WildArmed5069d ago

aye, as Red said.
It's probably because they are dropping the next firmware in Feb (as said in CES and E3)

mushroomwig5069d ago

Any idea what the next firmware will bring?

RedDragan5069d ago

If it is 3.20 then nothing much I suppose because it is such a small step above what we will already have.

On the other hand would going beyond the 3.1x be a big step? This is gaming and I suppose they wouldn't necessarily follow the usual way updates are numbered.

TheDeadMetalhead5069d ago

I had a hell of a time trying to download it due to my crap internet, but I just finished installing it using a USB flashdrive. :D

I hate mandatory updates. >.>

Proxy5069d ago

Nah, probably not, because it was optional for such a long time.

It would be an idea to make FW updates optional for a week or 2 to slow server congestion when the update first hits. Then again it isn't that big of a problem anyways.

ThanatosDMC5069d ago

@ 24% right now.

I really hope they make PSP games playable on the PS3. According to this update we can play our minis but i want to be able to play Monster Hunter Unite on my PS3 and also use the Ad Hoc Party wirelessly since im unable to connect wired.

hatchimatchi5069d ago


I don't think that will ever happen. People would start buying games but not the psp's themselves, sony doesn't want that.

They have av cables for the psp that lets you play on tv's though.

WildArmed5068d ago

well the feb update is bringing in 3D firmware and the premium video services if i remember correctly.

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Solans Scott5069d ago

Sony is pushing 3D this year and I remember reading an article suggesting that there would be two updates in 2010 pertaining to enabling the 3D capabilities of the PS3.

mushroomwig5069d ago

Most likely but I don't think the next update will have anything to do with 3D.

Roper3165069d ago

I believe the 3d update will be closer to summer when the 3d tv's launch. It may contain parts of the 3d update but probably not the whole 3d package.

Karum5069d ago

It was more than a suggestion, there was a PS Blog video with Jeff rubenstein talking with John Koller (think it was John Koller) and he said that there would be 2 FW updates in 2010, one to enable 3D gaming and the other for 3D movies.

As to when those updates are coming is yet to be revealed.

evilmonkey5015069d ago

the 3d update for games has to hit us before gt5. The summer update will allow for 3d movies.

Karum5069d ago

Why does it have to hit us before GT5?

Koller, in the same interview stressed that the games shown at CES running in 3D were only demo's and nothing more than that at this point.

Your comment implies GT5 will be 3D compatible at launch, which it likely won't be. I'd be 99% sure of that but you know I wouldn't mind at all if I was wrong in saying that.

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Umbrella Corp5069d ago

Doesnt affect me I download every update. :)

willie62895069d ago

anyone else having problems downloading this update right now? keeps dropping connection. guessing the servers are getting smashed...

thehitman5069d ago

Check your connection maybe som1 is using up 2 much of your bandwidth cough porn...

Solidus187-SCMilk5068d ago

Ive never had a problem Dl any updates or things from the store before, but this update isnt working for me.

I may save it to a usb card if it keeps disconnecting.

outlawlife5069d ago

I just purchased a ps3 a few months ago and I'm already tired of the updates, they really need to adopt a better system such as updates on certain days or something

the sudden updates and making once option updates mandatory is a drag

Umbrella Corp5069d ago

so your saying you dont like Sony constantly supporting and fixing glitches in theyre console?I rather have confidence my system wont brick or malfunction with constant updates instead of a seasonal update.Sony is on top of everything and fixes a problem as soon as they are aware.

mushroomwig5069d ago

A few months ago? That means you've had to go through TWO whole updates. Oh no!

God forbid Sony to make your PS3 better by offering free updates which last no more than 30 minutes.

Karum5069d ago

So you've basically had to "suffer" through 2 firmware updates which make the console better and you're tired of them? You're easily annoyed I guess.

If you've had to patch games then you are free to go complain to the developers of those games.

Mista T5069d ago

these updates help for future games on the PS3

bjornbear5069d ago

sand in your vagaina? =(