NowGamer: Dark Void Review

NG writes: "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's just some dude with Nolan North's voice and a pretty swanky jetpack on his back. Despite not being internally developed at Capcom, Dark Void still manages to capture all the trademark Capcom silliness and from its man-versus-UFO dogfights to the frankly nonsensical plot, they don't come much sillier than this. Stop us if you've heard this one – a courier pilot that sounds and acts strangely like Nathan Drake flies into the Bermuda Triangle and gets whisked away to alternate dimension The Void, where famous inventor Nikola Tesla gives him a jetpack with which to fight a bunch of alien-lizard-robot things called the Watchers so they don't take over the world. Yeah…"

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ian723196d ago

Been waiting for this game for a while now. It looked promising, all the video's i've seen of it. Will have to see more reviews, find out what others think. Not many liked the demo, but I thought it was alright. Will look into it more and then decide whether to buy or not.

3196d ago