Honest Gamers: Castlevania: the Adventure Rebirth Review

Castlevania ReBirth is a good game that definitively answers the age old question: why do all of the recent Castlevania games resemble Super Metroid? Play through this WiiWare release and you'll know soon enough.

Originally released on the Game Boy in 1989 as Castlevania Adventure, Konami's latest downloadable title is a treat for the long-time Castlevania fan. Here you'll find Death with his sickles and blades whirling madly around him, possessing a visage rendered more menacing than ever before by redrawn artwork. Here you'll find the Colossus with a hulking frame that fills the entire screen and shakes the whole chamber around him, here the familiar vampire bat that you've been battling since the original Castlevania.

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