The Diablo 3 Year in Review: July 2009

July didn't offer any new previews or interviews, but back in those pre-twitter/FaceBook days Bashiok kept very busy in the forums, and he shared a lot of info in July. Most of his posts do not contain "new" info, from the perspective of hardcore fans, but he usually explains or elaborates on issues with the benefit of his knowledge of the whole game; not just the little bits fans have so far been permitted to see.

Since there were so many good news/content updates in July, this month's summary runs long.

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Leord3250d ago

That statue is well creepy. A lot better than the concept art in my opinion.

Cogo3250d ago

Hehe, you and Leord posted that at about the same time, lol :)

Leord3250d ago

Me and Leord, huh? :P

Holyknight30003250d ago

lol i think he meant you and me there...

Holyknight30003250d ago

That unburied sculpture was amazing. The details on it; the guy may as well be a professional.

Cogo3250d ago

July must have been the best month bar the BlizzCon month!

Maticus3250d ago

July was a good month, it seems :)

3250d ago
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