Kane & Lynch 2 – your questions answered

VG247: We asked you what you wanted to know about Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. You gave us some questions. We asked director Karsten Lund to answer them at a London event just before Christmas. Find the result after the link.

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Black_McGrath3201d ago

People had questions about this sequel to a mediocre franchise?

washingmachine3201d ago

lol this was one of the worse games i seen on ps3.all them jaggies everywhere no AA.

AliTheBrit193201d ago

F*ck this game

We want Hitman 5

Seriously nobody liked the first kane & lynch, but hitman has its own following, what the hell are they thinking?!?!

Kakihara3201d ago

I actually loved Kane and Lynch. It's like a cross eyed girl with a great personality. Sure it wasn't the most polished game ever made (and sure that's the biggest understatement ever made) but it had some classic set pieces and a great story. I was so glad to be playing as an actual flawed human being with a personality and not some male model with a gruff voice and girl's hair.

I find it funny that this sequel doesn't look ANY better than the first one and sounds like it might not play any better. I don't care much. I'll have my fun with it, laugh at it's cute little flaws and place it lovingly back in it's box when done.

chak_3201d ago

my thought, I loved K&L 1, with all it's flaws, I had fun, simply

borgome3201d ago

I didn't know there was a Kane & Lynch 1

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The story is too old to be commented.