Supplier of R4 Cards Sentenced to 12 Months Imprisonment

The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA) today expressed their support of the sentencing at Hull Crown Court of criminal Yun Can Meng, for specimen charges relating to the illegal supply of imported R4 game copier cards into the UK. On 18th December 2009, Mr Meng pleaded guilty to the charges against him and today was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment.

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kevco333293d ago

Considering the amount of money he coulde of made (which, if he's smart, the police wouldn't find all of it...) it does seem like this is little deterent. 12 months? Maybe, but when he comes out he could be set for life.

lizard812883292d ago



R4's have gone down in quality. there's too many rip-offs and clones out there of the R4.