148apps: geoSpark Review

Critical Thought Games (geoDefense, geoDefense Swarm) and Imangi Studios (Harbor Master, Hippo High Dive) have combined forces for their latest title, geoSpark. The result of this collaboration is a finely-honed, pick-up-and-play experience. geoSpark is a simple concept with some subtle depth that slowly reveals itself the more you play and the farther you get.

geoSpark shares some similarities to goDefense with regards to the stylish and colorful vector graphics. That's where the similarities end, however, as geoSpark is intended as a very casual game with a singular purpose. As different colored sparks drift onto the screen, your goal is to simply remove them. You can tap a spark for low points, or drag like-colored sparks together for higher scoring combos. If at any point two disparate sparks touch each other, it's game over.

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