Blizzard Sneaks in Diablo 3 Update

This has probably gone completely unnoticed by everyone in the Diablo community (sorry, it's not something massive like Blizzard sneaking out the Diablo 3 release date), but some time not too long ago, the official site has had retcons...

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Holyknight30003198d ago

Blizzard are like ninja....

They sneak in at night when no one is looking...

Change a few things and then vanish in a puff of smoke...

Leord3198d ago

Well, as long as they don;t do like WoW ninjas, sneak in, remove something and pof, disconnected....

Cogo3198d ago

That is unfortunately what I would associate a ninja with as well...

Holyknight30003198d ago

lmao if they were WoW Ninjas, we'd have some problems. But then again blizzard's sites have been known to go down every once in a blue moon.

*Wonders if the moon is blue tonight*

Leord3198d ago

Well, I could not say this is the next best thing to get a release date, not by far. But it's still quite tickling :)

Cogo3198d ago

Having a release date this early would most likely be a scam anyway...

moondragon3198d ago

Intresting, this is blizzard allright, sneaky updates.

Maticus3198d ago

Why do they do it undercover though?

Redrudy3198d ago

1 year doesn't seem like it could have much meaning does it?

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