Blacksite's massive bosses revealed in three new movies

Midway gives CVG three new gameplay videos from its sci-fi shooter Blacksite, which is out on Xbox 360, PC and PS3 in September.

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InMyOpinion4731d ago

Bosses can never get too big. I wish all games had bosses as big as the ones in Shadow of the Colossus.

Diselage4731d ago

agreed, I don't know why game developers feel like there need to be normal sized bosses all the time.

egyptian_diarrhea4731d ago

agree, the bigger the better, and they don't get much bigger than those in shadow of the colossus, too bad the framerate sucks big time =( they could have waited just a little longer and made it next gen, it would have been amazing. Hope there's a sequel on the way.

This looks better than the demo. Although this game scares the shint out of me. I couldn't play the demo for very long,it made me very uncomfortable :(. what's with the bullets coming out of that machine gun?

Komrad4731d ago

you didn't play through the demo? it's super short! you were probably just about to finish it... keep goin! the last event is pretty neat...

tony4731d ago

if they work on the framerate and make it smoother this game will should be fun.

masterg4731d ago

This games needs more hype.. Its like a Multi-platform game cant get any hype unless its a big game like GTA4.