GamesRadar: Nier: What you need to know about Square Enix's action RPG

GamesRadar writes: "Since it was revealed by Square Enix at 2009's E3, the diminutively-titled Nier has been keeping a real low profile. Regardless, and as should be expected with any new Square Enix production, there's still plenty of interest around the game. If proof were needed, it ranks at 72 on our own list of 2010's top 100 most anticipated games. So we were made up when Square Enix dropped by to give us our first real good look at Nier. We are now partially enlightened and can gladly bring you up to speed with what you need to know about Square Enix's action RPG."

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kratos1233290d ago

you only need 1 thing to know about this lame a$$ game is that it will be crap and you shouldnt waste your money at this. This game must be one of wada idea its that bad

3290d ago