Gory new Aliens vs. Predator killmoves trailer

Sega has released a new trailer for Aliens vs. Predator, where the three factions helpfully demonstrate the new killmoves for the game and show that things are going to be very messy!

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quiquitos3197d ago

this game is looking better and better d more i see from it!!! but i bet it has slipped under many people's radar which is a shame cause it looks fantastic :)

CBaoth3197d ago

And you're right about potentially being overlooked. The last week of January brings ME2 & MAG. February titles include Bioshock2, Heavy Rain, WKC, Star Ocean, and Dante's Inferno. Consecutive weeks in March bring us BF:BC2 & MLB, FF13, and GOW3 & 99Nights2. Almost glad Splinter Cell got delayed. Even if ya just rent, there's almost too much to play.

darkvenom3197d ago

looks to be an awesome game,can't wait to play as a predator.

jalen2473197d ago

That must have been the PC version because those graphics look very good even in the crappy video.

3197d ago