SCEE have Extended Their PSPgo Free Game Offer

Adam Grant on European Playstation.Blog writes:

"I would like to announce that the PSPgo Promotion which allows you to download a free game when you buy a PSPgo has been extended until 31st January. So there is still time to take advantage of this offer. Details on the promotion and how to redeem are below."

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sloth33953251d ago

so they get it extended while in america we dont get anything for it

3250d ago
hatchimatchi3250d ago

yea seriously, all i got was a dumbed down version of a game that isn't even good (rock band unplugged w/5 songs).

Instead of giving us a free game why don't you crack down on the developers that are releasing broken games on the psn. (Konami & R*.) I can't even play Silent Hill 0rigins because the cut scenes are all cut short.

I like my pspgo but it is getting some half a**ed treatment.