More confirmation that Beautiful Katamari is an Xbox 360 exclusive

Silconera writes that "Originally Namco Bandai announced Beautiful Katamari as a Playstation 3 and an Xbox 360 game, but shortly after Namco Bandai's Editor's day N'Gai Croal mentioned on Level Up it was going to be an Xbox 360 exclusive. This isn't a rumor, he is absolutely right about Beautiful Katamari being a 360 exclusive. Check out Namco Bandai's fact sheet for Beautiful Katamari, it only mentions Xbox 360 as the platform."

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icechai5248d ago (Edited 5248d ago )

ahh just saw the screenshot of the fact sheet, dont approve this, sorry :P unless you really care for an actual screenshot of the fact sheet which the other article doesn't have...

paracardium5248d ago

Find some solid proof before wasting peoples time plz.

Ggame5248d ago

I feel doubted cause a few days ago Bandai-Namco has revealed that thay're developing Katamari for PS3 in Japan.

Or this's land + time exclusive ??

StupidTeenagersMust-5248d ago

Everyone should be able to play this game.

LeonSKennedy4Life5248d ago

The 360 is the only system I WOULDN'T have put it on, DJ.

There's the sixaxis on the PS3 and the wii-mote on the Wii. The ONE system it won't sell well on is the 360!!! I know MS is trying to be more "family-friendly" right now, but this game won't sell well on the 360...

Nik5248d ago

PS3 release list:

2nd one is Beautiful Katamari.

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The story is too old to be commented.