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Bungie3201d ago

well deserved

this guy knows what he talk about

3201d ago
Darkeyes3201d ago

I respect Valve for what they have done for the PC community with games like HL and CS... Although it would be good if they just stop whining about the PS3 every now and then.. If you don't want to develop for it, then just mind your own business and stop bi*ching about it.

Shadow Flare3201d ago

I think the contributor should get an award for managing to fit his whole face in that picture

Mr_Bun3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )


They still had to crop his head

On Topic:
Steam is a great service

Shadow Flare3201d ago

Don't say the word crop too loud or gabe will want to eat again

AliTheBrit193201d ago

Thorstein put in his place by Redientflux :)

Silly child.

Yes well deserved indeed, Thanks for some of the most amazing games ever created Valve :)

Half-Life as a series
Left 4 Dead as a series

All of them immense innovative

3201d ago
jmare3201d ago

First of all, it's "bullshit". If you're going to swear, man up and go the full nine. And second, while Gabe Newell is kind of a douche for some of his comments, he has done a lot for the PC side of game development and content delivery. That is why he got the award.

Chris3993201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Or he was promised pies as a reward for winning this award.

No doubt, pies were involved.

@ Bun. I believe the correct terminology would be "heads" - plural. They still had to crop his heads. Just as a person can have multiple chins, one of his grandiose 'stature' can have several heads, like a hydra.

I actually thought I was looking at triplets, before I realized it was just a shot of Gabe.

reaferfore203201d ago

lol, you'd think with all the money he makes he could get some personal trainers or something. Then again maybe he likes being huge... I dunno how big he is irl but he might be kinda intimidating... if you're holding a ham sandwich that is.

bjornbear3201d ago

I wonder what he thinks of Naughty Dog, since they basically proved him wrong and make him look like an idiot =)

Will he eat the award? =O

Shadow Flare3201d ago

lol I just think it would have been the funniest thing if instead of using a picture of gabe newell for the article, the contributor just did a google image search for 'fat man' and used the first picture that came up

Mr_Bun3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I stand corrected!

"I actually thought I was looking at triplets, before I realized it was just a shot of Gabe"

That has to be the comment of the day!!!

unknownhero11233201d ago

but I wonder how many of you are overweight just like him? I bet a whole bunch of you. anyways, congrats gabe on the reward. now go and develop HL episode 3 and stop bad mouthing the ps3 please.

toaster3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

People like to hide behind their little computer screens making fun of other people. Welcome to the internet.

Steam has grown tremendously in the past few years, keeping the PC relevant in the public eye as one of the leading frontiers of digital download. Valve raised the bar on FPS storytelling with Half Life 2 and the expansions and won a tremendous amount of GOTY awards among other various ones. Portal was new and it's witty/twisted sense of humor caught the attention of many gamers and earned itself plenty of awards as well. Team Fortress 2 led the way in class-based Multiplayer. Left4Dead was a hit and even in 2009, a year crowded with copy/paste FPS's, Valve managed to created something new and refreshing in L4D2. Gamers didn't get to experience HL2 Ep.3 or HL3 but Valve is probably taking their time on those and maintaining their need for perfection.

Award well deserved, Mr. Newell.

captain-obvious3201d ago

i like the guy's games
i play them on my PC

but i gotta say the jokes you guys making about him is funny lol

and the other funny thing is PS3 fanboys cant say $h!t about him
or else PC fanboys and 360 fanboys gonna eat them a live

Chris3993201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I'm a personal trainer and registered sports therapist. I've been fit and active since I was 20. I work with overweight people and those with body-dysmorphic disorders on a daily basis. I helped my wife lose over 150 lbs.. I am very sympathetic to other people's needs and what it means to be overweight or uncomfortable in your own skin.

That said, Gabe Newell makes himself the object of ridicule by his own design. He's not some down in the dumps fellah trying to scrape by with hardly enough cash for a groceries, let alone a gym membership. He's an incredibly wealthy and intelligent man, who, by no consequence other than his own choice, CHOOSES to be over-weight. It is an easy target, and obviously something born of a deep seated character flaw.

And in the end, he doesn't really seem to care that he's fat, nor care to do anything about it. So why should we?

Darkstorn3201d ago

The man has made some truly great games, but has terrible public relations. Aside from screwing PS3 gamers and releasing mods more than actual games, he simply doesn't have the charisma of other developers. I think Gabe Newell's day has come and gone.

MegaPowa3201d ago

Stop making fun of his weight. Including when you don't have the balls to do it in his face (and i know for fact you don't because your all annoying fanboy/internet nerds)

oh and have all my bubbles you'll need them to survive in your internet life.

rockleex3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Anyways, my older brother was as fat as him 5 years ago. My younger brother was also overweight. But they lost a lot of weight through jogging and playing football everyday.

Within two summers, no one could ever tell that they were once fat.

All the girls think they look super hot, little do they know how hard they both had to work for that.

Losing weight, or gaining muscle, is not hard. You just have to be dedicated.

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Eamon3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

He definitely deserves it. Half-Life 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2 are one of the best games I've ever played. There's also the highly addictive CounterStrike Source.

Not to mention his source engine is still one of the most used engines for mods up till date. And didn't it debut in 2004. 5 years now.

I just want him to hurry the **** up and release Half-Life 2 Episode 3 already >_<

It's been like 3 years now... Oh, and I can't wait for Portal 2.

reaferfore203201d ago

It is pretty amazing how the source engine has held it's own after all these years. I remember playing HL2 when it first came out and gasping at how good it looked. I can't imagine how awesome their next engine will be!

jmare3201d ago

I'm not sure they are going to have a new engine. They purposely designed Source to be scalable so they wouldn't have to keep creating a new engine every few years.

reaferfore203201d ago

I'd think eventually they'd have to make a new engine. I mean source still looks great but compared to a lot of others (Cryengine mainly) it doesn't have that WOW factor that it once did. My guess is that they'll make Ep3 with source then make HL3 with a new engine.

Eamon3201d ago

I think they are making a new engine actually hence why HL2 ep3 has been delayed so long.

But yeah, when HL2 first came out, the graphics and physics were phenomenal and are still good even today.

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Letros3201d ago

Well deserved, paved the way for DD systems.

Corrwin3201d ago

But for being bigoted against a 1/4 of the market?

For unforgivable delays in "Episodes"?

For just re-making (yet again) Team Fortress?

Could be worse... They could have given it to Bobby Kotick.

mushroomwig3201d ago

Industry honour? Did he try to eat it?