Xbox Live 12 Month Subscription on Sale at Wal-Mart for $30
"Need an Xbox Live Gold subscription for your newly acquired Xbox 360? Or is your current Xbox Live Gold subscription running out? Run, don't walk to right now where you can get a 12 month subscription for $30. This price is as low as you'll ever find it for a 12 month subscription."


Amazon is now matching Wal-Mart's price.

Update 2: Amazon's price is back to $34.99.

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1233603200d ago

i think a lot of people have jumped out of live,it was a good service a while back compared to the psn network,but its all changed now there,s hardly a difference in connection quality thats worth the money.of course live have added sky,facebook,etc but there all at a cost come to think about it even themes cost you money,its not alot to pay for live thats for sure,but it still has lag issues and i can,t think of a game like killzone,warhawk,mag,socom that offers dedicated servers within live,s subscription.thats the main reason of droping it live doesn,t give anythink away,even bbc iplayer there was going to be a charge.

Queasy3200d ago

1) Live offers free themes. They also charge for themes. PSN offers free themes. They also charge for themes.
2) There are Live games with dedicated non-MS servers (see Left 4 Dead 2, Section 8).
3) Facebook,, Twitter do not cost any additional money. Just a live subscription.
4) Lag issues are not prevalent and are primarily dependent on the connection quality of the users. Occasionally, a game will come out with bad net code that lags but that is a game issue not a Live issue. This is no different than any other platform such as PS3 or PC.
5) The BBC iPlayer was not an additional cost either. Just a Live subscription.

In short, your post has no basis in reality.

Redgehammer3200d ago

to mention it is a really good deal at $19.99 off of regular price.

young juice3200d ago

1) you can make your own ps3 themes for free or go to a site where communities share theirs with you for free. does 360 have that? im pretty sure thats hat he meant.


2) all first party ps3 games have dedicated servers, but most third party like modern warfare dont. l4d and section 8 are the only ones to my knowledge on the 360.

3) facebook, ,twitter cost nothing on the ps3 not even a subscription to psn.

4) i agree, lag has to do with how well your connection is.

Queasy3200d ago

1) I have no idea what he truly meant because his post was a slaughter of the English language. But check the PSN store releases every week and you'll see that Sony does indeed charge for PSN themes. Check XBL Marketplace and you do indeed find free themes.

2) There are others besides L4D and Section 8. All EA sports games are run on their own servers for example. There was a Battlefield clone that ran on its own servers. Even Chromehounds had its own servers and it was released in 2006 before Sega shut them down.

3) That's not the point. 122360's post implying that all those apps cost more on top of the XBL Gold subscription. They don't.

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webeblazing3200d ago

y they charge us 4 this in the 1st place we should of stop this as soon as they tried it in the 1st place but MS know how we think if most defend it and say its hot its hot without thinking bout other things going on it will spread like cancer most people will buy something cuz because everyone is ( maybe its a friend thing)

Excalibur3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Honestly I have a feeling we will see M$ Dropping the price soon.

Nothing I've read set in stone mind you just a feeling, the console race is tightening up and that seems to still be what folks mostly complain about, not me mind you as I've seen both and IMO you get what you pay for (or don't pay for).

The reason I have this feeling as I'm seeing XBL gold memberships on sale just about every other month now and I think it's M$ way of lowering the cost without officially Lowering the price, if ya know what I mean.

I seriously doubt Amazon or Walmart is losing $$$ when they have these sales, I think they are having some sort of test bed with M$ to see how well the lower price does. Like I said, just a feeling.

I guess we'll see. ;)