Wii-k in Review Podcast: 06/15/07

The Electronics Entertainment Expo 2007 looms just beyond the horizon, which means that the IGN Wii team has been busy attending all sorts of pre-E3 events. Even so, Matt and Mark are joined by Jessica Chobot and Gerry Block for this Friday's Wii-k in Review. Topics include recently played games, such as Harry Potter and The Bigs; titles to be excited about; reader mail, and much more.

This Review also marks the beginning of IGN Wii's "Buy Zack & Wiki: The Quest For Barbaros' Treasure Campaign 2007." So go pre-order now, and with that done click below to get your listen on.

Small mention of Halo DS announcement next week?

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Diselage4737d ago

Come on this is practically confirming Halo for the DS! No one is excited for it?

ChickeyCantor4737d ago

i guess some just got in a coma because of it ?XD