BeefJack: Are Girlfriends That Game A Good Thing?

BeefJack Writes: A few weeks back I accomplished something that I've been trying to do for seven years - I got my fiancee excited about playing a video game. She was feeling particularly bored one night while I was assassinating Templar in Renaissance Italy. In order to ensure the TV remained under my control, I suggested she try New Super Mario Brothers on the DS.

It took a fair amount of prodding, but I reminded her of the story she often tells about beating "one of those Mario games" on the original Gameboy and assured her that this would be easy enough for her to handle, but still fun. After a few exclamations of surprise and joy during the first level, my devious plan appeared to be working. It seemed to be a lock by the time she asked me to do the 99 lives trick I told her about.

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mrwiggles3288d ago

My girlfriend is BadAss at SouthPark Tower Defence!

Cyrus3653288d ago

I think it's definitely a good thing personally, something you can share/bond over, like anything else, whether it movies or something else, I think it's definitely apositive. And my girl is great at action adventure games, like Prince of Persia...or God of War.

slee3288d ago

My girlfriend always plays the first part of games with me, until she gets bored and mad, when she wanted to play the games anyway.