Halo 3 Comes To Re-Branded Xbox 360 Classics

Microsoft have announced a re-release of Halo 3 under the re-branded Xbox 360 Classics label, essentially the award-winning shooter re-issued with different box-art and a lower RRP. The re-release also sports a big orange PEGI 16 age certificate instead of the BBFC 15 certificate seen on all previously released SKUs in the United Kingdom. Expect to see it in UK and European stores soon.

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Halo3 MLG Pro3223d ago

Many games have come to this gen but only a few would be remembered years from now as being a classic and Halo 3 is definitely one of them.

meepmoopmeep3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Halo 3

will be remembered as being OVER-RATED

i've played it. nothing special.

(notice no smiley face)

EpicGamerSwordsman3223d ago

In all Honesty, Halo 3 is Nothing special, its Definatelty Overhyped & overated. IMO Halo 3 was Decent at Best, But I honestly think the MP Was worth it, It still has a Strong Community of Players & Bungie is One of My Fav. Devs because of the Strong support they put in for the Online Community (New Maps, Modes, Machinima Support & Website)

evilmonkey5013223d ago

your kidding.......right? it cant get any more generic or basic than Halo.After playing gears I don't understand how Microsoft's flagship enterprise can look so....generic. I KNOW they can do better.

DSI3223d ago

So much stupid hate, and for no other reason the simple jealousy. It's a 360 classic, it wasn't meant to be news for you PS3 fanboys.

Oh, EpicGamer...Guess what, MP is actually part of the game, and from your gamer tag you sure did put a LOT of time in on a game that you conside to be overrated and overhyped. The other two guys are simply haters that has their head too far embedded in the hate game to give halo a compliment.

Either way, in the grand skeme of things none of our opinions count for sh!t anyway.

EpicGamerSwordsman3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

I know MP is part of the Game, But before i was into MP Games, I loved Halo for its Story, Thats the reason why i liked Halo 1&2, The Campaigns in both Games were Excellent IMO, But Thats the reason Halo 3 was kind of a Let down (The Campaign was Boring) & The Graphics weren't what i expected from a Game like Halo, Im being as honest as i usually am when it comes to Halo Games, Coming from a Former 360 owner. I have NO HATE on the Halo Franchise (Just ODST Because of the Price) but Believe me when i say this, I have HUGE respect for Devs like Bungie, Because they listen & Reach out for their Fanbase.

Yeah i did put in some time for Halo.. its fun to Play with Friends too.. no hate for Halo man. Might buy another 360 for Reach & Splinter cell :D

SoX FireBlade3222d ago

Halo maybe did not do something new in terms of gameplay but it did alot of new features that really helped the players and the community such as forge, theater, host migration, 4 online co-op and more

give me a single game that has all of these features

Halo3 MLG Pro3222d ago

LOL! Says the sony fanboy meep.

Death3222d ago

I'm not so sure I would justify ODST hate due to the price. The campaign was actually pretty fun and told the story well. It has almost been hard to find for over $40 since it came out since the game is usually on sale somewhere.


N4Garbage3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Just like how the community made Counter Strike better.

The community has made Halo better.

Just like some Ps3 fanatics they keep looking for all of this "innovation" when the Ps3 fanbase doesn't care nor utilize it.

KZ2 with a measely 10k playing daily GTFO you guys are just pissed the 360 actually has a game that can be exclusive and actually sell as a flagship title while the Ps3 still carries GTA4 as it's most sold title.

Not one of these higher quality exclusives can reach MGS4 sales, Ps3 fanatics like you are boring ass gamers and lack the imagination and social features of XBL to make anything of the games you have at disposal.

Ps3 lacks the gamers to ever see a game reach Halo 3 heights and we won't see any game on the platform reach Halo 3 heights this entire generation because the system is plagued with blu ray watchers and annual game purchasers.

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iNFAMOUZ13222d ago

This is 360 news, if you ps3 fans have nothing better to add to good news on a great game, GTFO

hudsoniscool3222d ago

im sick off you ps3 fanboys being mad because the game isnt on your console. halo 3 recived a 94% on metacritc. and its still the most played game on xbox. overhyped, over-rated i think not. it may be your opinion that its just average buy 90% of other gamers disagree.

meepmoopmeep3222d ago

no, you just can't accept that not everyone loves the same games as you

i have a 360. the only great FPS was Halo CE after that EVERY FPS was mediocre

suck on that

Arnon3222d ago

Here's an idea. Stop forcing your opinions on others as if they're facts. Keep them to yourself if you don't like the game.

Death3222d ago

If you want people to accept the fact that not everyone loves Halo, you need to accept the fact that many gamers do.


hudsoniscool3222d ago

is this the first time halo 3 has been released as a clasic.

Connoro3222d ago

It's not the first time, this is a re-release on the re-branded Classics range.

Halo3 MLG Pro3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Seriously can't see how you even can think that Halo 3 is over rated or over hyped. You can add the total sales of every FPS on the ps3 and you still don't reach the success of Halo 3. So by definition that is not over hyped. That's a game that reached and exceeded the hype.

A over rated and over hyped game easily goes to Killzone 2. A lot of hype before the release, after it's release... a whole lot of nothing. Crap sales and low interest in the game.


Death3222d ago

Some call this over-hyped. If demand didn't justify the attention it received, Halo would be over-hyped. I hate bringing it up, but a game labeled as a "halo-killer" that was supposed to move tons of hardware like Killzone 2 is a classic case of a game being over-hyped. While being a critical success, demand just wasn't there to justify the amount of hype the title received. Too Human, Fable, Lair, and Haze are also great examples of over-hyped games.