Halo Reach: Microsoft's Ultimate Blow to Sony?

Gameguru "Most gamers have been quite happy with Sony's strong first party line-up. It features a balanced mix of titles which no other machine in this generation is able of offer and the production values for each game are just pushed one step further. We don't even have to glance at Halo: Reach to understand the fact that there already exists something on Sony's machine which will be equally jaw dropping and heart wrenching to a core gamer, but the question is will Sony fight tooth and nail to overcome the odds that present."

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Bungie3197d ago

after ODST i'm not sure if reach will even sell 1.5 mill

Darkeyes3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

The article beats round the bush.... How can Halo be a blow to Sony? People who want to play Halo already own a 360 and if we go by the history, Reach will also have similar results with not moving many consoles although it will sell a lot of copies...

Will Reach be Big? Hell Yes, but will it hurt Sony in any way... I doubt it since it won't hurt Sony sales any way... Same old FUD by the media with big name games.

Nike3197d ago

No, there's a major difference between Reach and ODST. The former has you playing a (pre-Halo) era Master Chief, as any one who hates Luigi and loves Mario will tell you, is a big difference. Second, it's a full fledged product and will have a single player game extending beyond just 3-5 hours. Thirdly, Bungie now has the impressive visuals to back up the gritty setting of the Halo franchise.

As such, the marketing for Halo 3 was way, way, way ODST's level of marketing - and MS has already begun plans to market Reach. It'll sell lots, that's for sure.

Also, ODST sold 2.5 million copies in two weeks.

Which, as any one who saw who much went into it as compared to previous Halo games will tell you, is a lot.

TheDeadMetalhead3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Here we go again... >.>

EDIT @ Nike - I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about the article.

Nike3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )


Lol, sorry dude. Didn't mean to play figures.

Ah screw this. I'm getting back to Modern Warfare 2...on my PC. :D

Edit: Oh. Lol. Okay. :)

BYE3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

In order to even be remotely considered some kind of a blow, it has to score higher than Uncharted 2, which is next to impossible.

SullyDrake3197d ago

Resistance 3 will be better.

hay3197d ago

"Ultimate Blow"? Heheh... Maybe...

Mike134nl3197d ago

You got to be oblivious if you think halo reach won't sell more than 1,5 million thanks to ODST.
The brand Halo is too big, halo reach is going in a slightly different direction than master chief, which may attract new players.

Brands as big as Halo will always attract new costumers to the experience simply because people who don't know the game/experience might want to see what all the fuzz is about.

And no it isn't a ultimate blow it's more like a b****slap in the face and yes sony will slap back with their own games.

Akagi3197d ago

Ugh, just leave, Bungie.

You Already Know3197d ago

the only was Microsoft can hurt Sony is by taking more exclusives away...

other than's all BS slants and spins..

gaffyh3197d ago

Halo Reach will NOT be a system seller, everyone that wanted a console for Halo, already bought a console 2 years ago (or was it 3?). The only way MS will see a slight boost in console sales is if they release a Halo Reach Edition 360 (likely), but I don't see how selling a lot of games will be a blow to Sony.

The fact that an article like this needed to be created is proof that Sony is still alive and kicking, and will not be beaten at their own game.

TotalPS3Fanboy3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

then yeah, sure.

SoX FireBlade3197d ago

there are alot of people that I know loved Halo 2 and didn't buy Halo 3 and they will buy a 360 for reach

I think it will hurt games more than hardware

it needs more than 1 game to blow

gears 3 + Halo : reach + Natal ? something like that

Microsoft Xbox 3603197d ago

Halo Reach is irrelevant to Sony.

Niles3197d ago

"Halo: Reach can outsell the likes of God Of War III and Call Of Duty 7 to be 2010's biggest game on all formats, Microsoft has told CVG."


And this is what the article says as well....FUD???? I think not...

ABizzel13197d ago

Halo Reach will have no effect on Sony. It'll sell it's 10 million plus lifetime sales and that will be that.

gaffyh3197d ago

@Niles - Notice how they always say "biggest" and not "best." God of War 3 will be one of the "best" games released in 2010, not biggest. Without a doubt, Halo: Reach will be the biggest seller, but how does that affect Sony in any way? As I mentioned before, this game will not be a system seller, because anyone who wanted a 360 for Halo already bought one when Halo 3 was released.

Why do I say that? Because neither Halo Wars nor Halo ODST boosted 360 system sales significantly during release. Halo Reach will be the same.

SilentNegotiator3197d ago

"(Insert Game) is going to killzors (Insert Comapany)"

edgeofblade3197d ago

Halo Reach? Not as big a hit to Sony as people would like to think, but I think it will hit Sony in ways people don't expect. It won't sell consoles, but it will wrestle the mind share away from PS3 for a month or two. Sure, dual (or triple) ownership is going up, and with that metric's rise, the battle for unit sales is becoming more meaningless by the day. The game sales are where the war is turning now. And both Sony and Microsoft look to have a good 2010, and Reach is only one facet of Microsoft's year.

DatNJDom813197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

To think that it's not is being naive. From what I read in the game informer magazine, it sounds like they added alot of stuff to the game that gears of halozzz fanzzz definitely going to eat up. Sounds like a real great game for the fanzzz.

2010 really looks like its going to be a competitive year.

Lacarious3197d ago

That is some str8 comedy.... final blow.... c o m e d y!!!!

aaron58293197d ago

*goes off to sing Beyonce's Halo song"

Pillage053196d ago

shut up

it won't be a surprise when Reach sells a crap load of units, but it's not gonna put sony out of the gaming business...thats just silly talk.

vhero3196d ago

Not a console seller as everybody who is a fan of Halo already has a 360.

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PirateThom3197d ago

Between this and Natal there's nothing but wild speculation, hype and "Sony is doomed".... I have yet to see proof of anything of those things being delivered on from either product. It's more Halo and more casual gaming, who cares?

Nike3197d ago

So, it's "casual gaming" when Microsoft does motion control. The same applies to Sony as well - they're tapping into this market to attract more "casual" customers, which forms the crux of Nintendo's success. Both are copying Nintendo, and I highly doubt either the "casual" (too busy playing the cheaper Wii) or the "hardcore" (too busy denouncing the "casual") cares.

PirateThom3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

We're talking about Microsoft, not Sony or Nintendo (although, I'd pretty much apply the same statement, except the Sony and Nintendo controllers do work and isn't just hype). I don't care about Nintendo's success, they already lost me due to the controller being a pain to use.

Omega43197d ago

How do you know Natal doesnt work have you tried it? Because all the hands-on impressions say it works great.

And how can you say the wiimote is a pain to use, its one of the easiest controllers to get used to out there unless you're too overweight.

PirateThom3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

It's a camera, there's no tactile response. Doesn't take a genius to figure out.

I don't watch TV with my hand pointed at the screen, why would I play games that way?

Omega43197d ago

Who said you need to touch anything for it to work? So i guess when 3D/Holograms/virtual reality comes to be you will be against that too since you will just be touching air?

You obviously havnt used a Wii before because you rarely have your arm pointed out. Games like Mario Kart, Okami, Zelda and SMG can be played for hours without getting tiring.

gamer01234563197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

wow Tom who pooped in your cheerios.

like more resistance more same old FF more casual games on ps3......i bought my ps3 3 years ago for
1. blu-ray
2. gow
3. gt5
4. FF

uncharted was just a bonus.

im just about to get the game i bought my console for....kinda sad....

HEY LETS MAKE A PS3 AND ADVERTISE GT5 AND gow 3 and not release them for 3 years...that sounds good.....


just saying....tom stay in your precious ps3 articles....

mrv3213197d ago

Who said you need to touch anything for it to work? So i guess when 3D/Holograms/virtual reality comes to be you will be against that too since you will just be touching air?

3D does not work like that you know? 3D is an image NOT an interface. While Natal tracks 3D motion, 3D TV's do not simply output a 3D image. So that is INCORRECT.

PirateThom3197d ago

"why use a controller and not mouse and keyboard.....see how i did that"

Do you know what "tactile response" is?

QSPR3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

"HEY LETS MAKE A PS3 AND ADVERTISE GT5 AND gow 3 and not release them for 3 years...that sounds good....."

"HEY LETS MAKE A 360 AND ADVERTISE HALO AND gears and realese 10 same bull for 4 years.....that sounds good....." see what I did there?? you are a fanboy that's all

edgeofblade3197d ago

Yes, Thom, we know what tactile response is. No, Thom, we don't see it as THE only issue like you do. But YES, I do see it as a hindrance to breaking into anything other than casual games... involving flailing about... at bouncing balls.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Microsoft release something very similar to the PS wand (sans visual motion tracking), but for use with Natal. Think about it: orientation data based on mapping the user, not the 2d PS Eye image. I'm looking for some sort of split controller with buttons similar to the main controller. But when that happens, I expect all the Sony acolytes to start screaming that Microsoft copied Sony...

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MetalGearRising3197d ago

Obviously Halo Reach will be a Graphical Master Piece and Sales wise set new RECORDS as the most sold game on any console.also Multi-Player will be played for Millions of hours while some games will have been forgotten and collecting dust. Nothing can and will ever compete with Halo FACT.......................... Not even GOW3 has a chance of dethroning HALO REACH FACT.

stonecold13197d ago

final fantasy 13 god of war 3 all say hi thought to let you know

chidori6663197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )


delusional much?

btw 360 fanboys sayng same shi* in halo3, halo odst, forza 3...

3197d ago
Nike3197d ago


While I disagree with the graphical prowess (sorry, but PCs first, PS3 second, 360 third and Wii 4th in terms of graphics), it all boils down to gameplay. People enjoy the gameplay of such titles like Halo and Gears - however, it's interesting to note that the shooters sell the most on 360 (Forza crossed 1 million worldwide, back in November). Fable 2 also did good, I suppose. Anyway, with Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2 coming up, I'm especially interested how these non-shooter titles will perform.

Genesis53197d ago

Did they just say that MS is going to blow Sony? Don't the usally save that for third party developers.

timotei3197d ago

I thought MS's Ultimate Blow involved Milo

3197d ago
General Jewels3197d ago

The end of sony...they have been struggle to tame the beast. Even with thier triple CCC excluses they have yet to lay a dust on Halo, let alone a dent! LOL

Beware sonys fans your console will fall into the garbage can in some unknown dark alleyway, along with all them fail exclusives, which sony fans don't seem to buy...but talk alot about them.

Halo Reach will destroy everything. This is the beak future of Sony and PS3.

kaelix3196d ago

graphical masterpeice? of >>crap<<

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duplissi3197d ago

what nonsense!

lets face it if you like halo you have a 360........


ProjectVulcan3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Reach will shift software units, nothing more. After 3 and ODST, a new halo will not generate major hardware sales master chief or not. ODST itself hardly made a peak on 360 hardware sales the week it was out. Hardware sales boosted a mere 15 percent in america launch week of ODST, and dropped back the week after. This is a fact.

360 has an awful lot of sequels to games already out on 360 this year-Which to me implies that 360 will shift an awful lot of software this year, but not as much hardware as previous years despite a strong lineup. Very few new IPs.....lots of 360 sequels(mass effect 2, crackdown 2, reach, conviction, fable 3 etc all sequels to games already out on 360). Microsoft relying on titles that many people already probably bought a 360 for when the originals appeared. Not the best way to sell hardware. Sony however have a truck load of new IPs, or sequels to big games making their ps3 debut, like GoW and GT. Guaranteed hardware sales. Expect more of the same for 2010. PS3 reeling 360 in on hardware sales. microsoft are pinning almost everything on natal, knowing sony is closing the gap and has a bunch of original IPs to sell systems to newbies this year

IaMs123197d ago

Thats because ODST wasnt aimed to sell that well it was an episode or SUPPOSE to be an expansion to keep Halo fans busy till Reach comes around. AKA like Half Life 2 episodes, although episode 3 has gone ad mists. Most people take ODST and bash at it because it didnt do so and so well thats because it wasnt even aimed at doing that. Its not even a full game and it sold that well, it wasnt suppose to be that but they added more content and charged too much for it. Still should have been 30 dollars but what can you do.

yoghurt3197d ago

With the variety the PS3 exclusives offer, in all genres and a variety of different emotional, interactive involving games, I don't think Sony will be missing Halo...