Xbox 360 growth under 1% in the US last year, PS3 up 22%

VG247: Microsoft struggled to find positive growth in 360 hardware sales in America last year, with sales flat as a pancake compared to 2008.

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ThatCanadianGuy3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Well, what can i say?

Hard times for the 360..
That's great news for Sony tho.Not surprised, they seem to be increasing sales drastically every year.

vhero3292d ago

No console can rise every single year of it life its gonna flatline somewhere and since 360 started first its gonna flatline first

joydestroy3291d ago

my thoughts too. a lot of people already own a 360.

v1c1ous3291d ago

some people on N4G have the mental capacity to understand what these numbers mean or what it pertains relative to both companies...

i'm gonna LOL at the ppl dissing 360 though.

Doc Sony3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

OK, so let me get this straight Vhero, I get so confused sometimes.

Now the year head start IS a legitimate reason for stuff.

Sorry, had to double check because most of the time when I bring up the year head start as the main reason for 360 being in second place 'certain people' tend to disagree.

OK, but I get, in this situation the year earlier launch IS a reason.

Got it.

Alcon Caper3291d ago

Hmm...well when looking at profits, it's most important to look at software sales. Kaz, himself, said that although they lost money with every console sold, that they made the money back in peripherals and software sales.

It's a great year for the PS3, but this is only setting a foundation for what Sony will truly profit from: software sales.

dalibor3291d ago

C'mon guys. This does not mean anything. Do you know why? Because we shall see what happens this year. All I'm saying is you have to account for more than one year to really see where the growth will end up. It goes up one year than it could also go down another like a roller coaster. Alas, it is great to see the PS3 grow though. I want the whole gaming division to grow as a whole, I want to be able to game for as long as I live if possible, Now I wonder how well the 360 will do this year b/c I figure the PS3 will probably grow but like I said we shall see what happens after 20010 to have a better idea. Any thoughts where the 360 or Ps3 will end up?

Udidntlistenpunk3291d ago

The 360 install base will not grow anymore. What else is there to say.

bjornbear3291d ago

shows 360 getting old and PS3 still young.

thats just a simple fact if you consider WHERE in the product life cycle

PS3 is still climbing to the top

360 has peaked, and now has to hold out for as long as possible before it starts to fall.

Anon19743291d ago

The 360 had flatlined in the past prior to price cuts. There had been a few quarters in the past were Microsoft had actually stopped reporting 360's sold on their quarterly statements when they had year over year declines worldwide. 2006 sucked compared to 2005. 2007 growth was flat until a price cut and Halo 3 gave them a boost. Then sales dropped off again until the next price cut.

Now the last 3 quarters Microsoft reported year over year declines again. The 360 has always struggled to maintain momentum worldwide, but you often wouldn't notice as the media would always focus on US numbers, where it was more than holding it's own.

gamer01234563291d ago

makes up for the first 2 years. congrats

JOLLY13291d ago

I don't get it. They didn't sell 22% more than the 360. They just sold 22% more than they did last year. Last year wasn't a spectacular year for the ps3. If they didn't get a sales boost, that would have been embarrassing.

Guitarded3291d ago

...even though PS3 hardware sales are up 22%, the software sales were only up 17%. When I compare that to 360 with hardware up only 1% yet software up 7% it sort of stands out.

Note: Software sales are from memory. The point I'm trying to make is PS3 software growth didn't match hardware growth while 360 software growth exceeded hardware growth.

I shall leave the speculation as to why to others.

KingME3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Here is another way of viewing it. The 360 was already doing pretty well in the US, where as the PS3 wasn't. Since the PS3 released the slim their sells have increased. I guess, basically I'm saying as far as the US sells go, the PS3 had nowhere to go but up. Whereas the 360 was already doing okay so the number would look like the PS3 did much better when in all actuality they did about the same for the year.

This is just another way that numbers can mislead people especially when the person producing the numbers are also trying to mislead you.
But, I know what some people are going to try and say I am spinning this but, just open you mind and look at what the numbers are telling you. Percentages can be very tricky if the producer does show you the raw numbers.

Some people are saying the 360 did bad, the numbers show that the 360 did better than the PS3 in the US for 2009. But the percentages say the PS3 had a bigger increase, so you can look at the numbers that make you feel better.

I would be interesting to see both sets of numbers for the Wii.

jcgamer3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

They were right...Sony knew consumers wouldn't be ready to upgrade in 5 years....MS is now realizing this...they are now trying to advocate a 10 year plan for Xbox 360...2010 looks solid for Xbox 360 in terms of software, but we will see if they can keep it up in 2011, 012, 013, 014,, it's no joke competing with Sony...

and now MS is trying to play ball uber-aggressively on Nintendo's court? get ready! Nintendo is gonna make sure Natal has a hard time catching on once it hits the store shelves...

Nineball21123291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Alcon.. you posted: "Hmm...well when looking at profits, it's most important to look at software sales. Kaz, himself, said that although they lost money with every console sold, that they made the money back in peripherals and software sales."

Did you see this article about how much the 360 sold for 2009 in the U.S. alone? Staggering, really...

I'd like to see the same info. for Sony.

Immortal3213291d ago

It is all about the games

rezenu3291d ago

Good going for the PS3.

beans3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

What I want to know is who out of the big three made more profits on software and accessories for 2009. I'm sure it was 360 even though it's install base was smaller than Wii and not much more than PS3. We can play around with console sales all we want but 360 was by far the most profitable console for everyone that made games for it and MS. Sony and Nintendo might look better on paper but I really don't think MS is to worried about there numbers. 360 did perfectly fine in 2009 and now with many exclusives and Natal there software and accessory sales are going to really kill the competition.

sikbeta3291d ago

Well, [$]300 is the Magic number and is working the same way like in the PS2 Era...

IdleLeeSiuLung3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Sony might have the 22% increase, but the 360 held it's own WITHOUT a price cut, redesign, and mighty exclusives. Other than a new console or a new feature (alas the wand), there isn't much more Sony can throw at it. After all that for all intensive purposes, they sold even. That means the 360's brand is very strong with consumers.

Basically, MS price-cut their console last year and got a lead. Sony price-cut their console and is only selling even. There is likely no more price cut for Sony this year and MS now has the advantage with the cards in their hand. A $150 Xbox 360 Arcade will sell like cup cakes!

Nineball21123291d ago

@ Roper316

Thanks for the link!

Wow... That's almost $10 Billion just between MS and Sony in the U.S. alone just for 1 year...

That's staggering... Hard to imagine that much money.

Anon19743291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

beans said "What I want to know is who out of the big three made more profits on software and accessories for 2009. I'm sure it was 360."

Actually, we don't know if the 360 is making money at all. Nintendo we do, because that's their business, so when we see the numbers they're pretty transparent. Sony we do because they flat out said they're making a profit, and their games division is still reported on it's own in the reports they file even though it's part of a bigger division now.

Microsoft never claimed they make money on the 360 overall. Last September, analysts (who were lowering their outlook on Microsoft in general) commented that at these price points the 360 is still losing money on hardware. They make money off software and accessories, but lurking in the background is the ongoing expenditures due to the warranty program and we have no idea how much money that sucks on a regular basis because Microsoft took that hit back in 2007 and is keeping it off the books now. What we see is the Microsoft Entertainment Division, of which the 360 is only a part of and that doesn't tell us anything specific about how much the 360 is actually making. Microsoft tends to hide the actual breakdown inside that division, and even stops reporting 360 sales totally when they don't want people to notice. Have a look at some of the quarterly reports form 2006 when they showed year over year declines. MS simply stopped reporting 360 sales during that period. Same thing happened in 2008 for a couple of quarters.

StanLee3291d ago

In 2009 the PS3 had a stalwart lineup and a price cut which saw a 22% YOY increase in hardware sales; and you're still outsold by a stagnant XBox 360?

darthv723291d ago

Time to get creative with the marketing department. They are nowhere near a saturation point as they could sell to the equal number of wii owners if they had the right angle.

Monchichi0253291d ago

Personally, I'm just waiting till the Natal version comes out before I get my new 360. Wonder how many are doing the same thing?

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3291d ago

Not really...
360 is just getting closer to saturation point is the USA. Its not going to keep growing because most the people in US who game already own a 360.

earlsnk3291d ago

yes the ps3 sales are more obviously. everybody already has an 360 ! So since time has passed, and money has been saved, why not own a ps3 as well, they do have a few great exclusives. if a good servery was done on who bought a ps3 you would find that probably 80-90% already own a 360!

ThanatosDMC3291d ago

360 install base will probably get bigger. Did y'all see the new commercials? They're making it look like it's a family type console with two little kids in front of the tv. They're also advertising heavily in with that well known annoying lady that spat a lot of milk when she laughed.

FamilyGuy3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

"The interesting thing to me is......even though PS3 hardware sales are up 22%, the software sales were only up 17%. When I compare that to 360 with hardware up only 1% yet software up 7% it sort of stands out...."

That sounds to me like NEW customers bought PS3s which (if you didn't already know) LOWERS the attach ratio seeing as people don't generally buy a handful of games along with their console purchase. They normally get 1-3 to start their collections. Along with those buying additional PS3s because of their overall usefulness and lastly the Slim was introduced at $299 with NO games bundled. Retailers would have to add them themselves.

The unequal rise in software sales makes sense, the 360 climb is the phenomenon, unless of course 1 million or so hacked consoles were banned and users who previously didn't buy games all of a sudden started to. (You know what? I'm actually trying really hard to "spin" this part but the 360 just plain and simple has a beastly attach ratio LOL)p

Traveler3291d ago

Both consoles did well. Sony did a great job in 2009 in terms of the new slim PS3 and the games and the price drop. This helped the PS3 see growth in 2009. The 360 also did well in the face of the stiffer competition from the PS3. Holding even might not seem like such an accomplishment, but it is when you consider that it is just one leg in the race. The sales of all consoles is like a wavy line and we will have to wait until the end of this generation to see where those wavy lines end up.

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Raoh3292d ago


I'm about to leave the house and go to work and this put me in a good mood to start my day.....

mcnablejr3291d ago

i didnt think the playstation has sold as many? am i right?

ThatCanadianGuy3291d ago fail almost as much as a 360..


ThatCanadianGuy3291d ago

No, you're not right, because you don't make sense.You're an idiot..

Salesbots is the term i use to describe bots like you, who preach about sales instead of, you know, games or graphics etc.

avengers19783288d ago

The xbox sales in north america are good, but in the rest of the world they are not. In Japan the pspgo usually out sells the 360 week to week, and in europe more and more people are getting PS3's with GT5 coming out soon a huge game in most european countries.
Total sales for 360 are around 38 to 39 mil according to MS, the PS3 is at 32 to 33 mil with around 8 to 9 million rebuys of 360's that is actually less people playing the 360 then the PS3. and only being 6 to 7 million units ahead when you were onshelves for a year longer then your competitor is not great. There were over 150 million PS2's sold world wide and that gives them a whole lot of people that may be looking to get a new console, you gotta believe there going to the PS3 not anything else.

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solidworm3292d ago

the 360 is flatlining in its homeland(its last bastion of hope).The bigwigs at MS seem to be pinning all theyre hopes on Natal turning theyre fortunes around.Lol at all the people whove spent the last 3 years slagging off the Wii and now saying Natals the best thing ever.Be carefull what you wish for as you might get exactly that.

pansenbaer3292d ago

Its hard to grow when they've been outselling the PS3 in North America for quite some time now. The PS3 took away its steam with the price cut and a Slim re-vamp. Add that to some awesome games last quarter (with several coming out in the next few months) and there's your reason for PS3 growth. Great job Sony.

Omega43292d ago

Natal, a pricecut and Halo should change that this year

Nathan Drake23292d ago

another price much,100$?so in its fifth year it will cost like ps2?with that it would be again 200$ cheaper then ps3.i guess thats the only way to sell well in US,just US.

ThatCanadianGuy3292d ago

ANOTHER price cut? Geez..might as well give them away with happy meals..

Omega43292d ago

What do you mean "another" price cut? There has only been like one or two since it launched. In fact i think its had even less than the PS3 and its been out longer.

ThatCanadianGuy3292d ago

I mean, Microsoft's big strategy is to just cut the price when Sony starts outselling them in NA.

Happened in 2008..2009..and just now, as Sony continues to outsell them, you suggest another price cut..LOL!

PirateThom3292d ago

Whoa... wait, still on this Halo trip?

If people didn't buy a 360 for Halo 3 or Halo ODST, why would they buy a 360 for Halo Reach?

JOLLY13291d ago

How many price cuts did the ps3 need to start selling close to as many units as the 360? Maybe we don't want to think about that.

BYE3291d ago

Splinter Cell could be a game that generates console sales.
It looks fresh and innovative so far.

Not another uninspired Halo.

Omega43291d ago

And the only reason the PS3 starts outselling the 360 is because Sony cuts the price, so i dont see what you're getting at.

If everyone who wants Halo already got a 360 why is Halo 3 still selling to this very day? I bet you said the same about MW2 and look what happened in November.

dalibor3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

You can only do so many price cuts. MS is going to have to draw in people in different ways. Wanted to add the same goes for all of the systems. You want to sell something you have to draw in costumers somehow.

gamer01234563291d ago

why the f do you care about a price cut hate 360....

since when is cheaper a bad thing....come on dude...crawl out of your shell.

MS is doing just fine. ps3 up 22% good for them makes up for the first 2 years of them in the ( - )

NotSoSilentBob3291d ago

I wouldn't count on the Halo being a selling point anymore. Halo 3 sales were great but halo3 ODST has barely got the 3 million sales mark(correct me if Im wrong do not use VG chartz) But anyone who wants to play Halo already has a 360 and the sales of ODST are proof.

Whoooop3291d ago


"If everyone who wants Halo already got a 360 why is Halo 3 still selling to this very day?"

He was talking about buying 360's over Halo Reach, not people who ALREADY have a 360 buying Halo Reach.

I really doubt Halo Reach will boost console sales... Because like Pirate said, those who like Halo must have a 360 by now as there are 3 Halo games out already this gen. Reach will sell like hell, but consoles not so much because of it.

rezenu3291d ago

Uh...if it didn't work before, why are you so sure it'll work now? Didn't Microsoft cut the price three/four times already? If I'm mistaken, someone correct me.

D4RkNIKON3291d ago

It doesn't matter how many price cuts Sony has given the PS3 compared to how many times the 360 had a price cut. Do you know why?

.. Because the Elite and the PS3 are the same price now. And for the PS3 to outsell the 360 only makes sense. The PS3 is a much better value.

Traveler3291d ago

Omega4, I am not sure we will see a 360 price cut this year, but I do agree those other things will help the 360 do well in 2010.

aaronisbla3291d ago

look before you rant next time, morganfell was nowhere in this reply

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