Today's which-one-is-evil comparison: Skate versus Tony Hawk

Today's video picks compare the latest trailers for both games.

Admittedly, Joystiq thinks the two titles can coexist, at least for this year. Skate is a completely different control experience, while Tony Hawk is the latest in a solid franchise.

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SWORDF1SH5153d ago

i think the tony hawks games have started to become lazy because there is no decent competition. ea's skate game might light a firework under there ass and we now have 2 games competing to be the best and we will see improved quality in the games instead of lazy updates.

Diselage5153d ago

Yeah TH series has ruled for far to long with out any competition and what's really great is SKATE is not even close to coping what Tony Hawk does, they're taking a new approach which will be nice.

felidae5153d ago

i think the last trick in the tony trailer says it all. it's the same unrealistic skateboarding that it has ever been.

i give Skate a try.

pwnaplaya5153d ago

I like the look of skate (graphic-wise)its seems neat. But I like the whole editing system in THPG better. As of now I'm going to rent both first to see which one I like. But more gameplay vids could sell me on either game.