PGR 4 Update: New Tracks, Vehicles and Video

Microsoft has revealed new details regarding Project Gotham Racing 4 today, including the announcement of two new tracks, six new vehicles, and a new gameplay video.

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Diselage4775d ago

This is looking to be the best Project Gotham yet.

toughNAME4775d ago

even if the graphics arent up to par with the other racing games out there

this game is soo fukin fun...1st day buy

toughNAME4775d ago

wait...the article says Quebec?

Antan4775d ago

Quebec indeed! Ive known for quite some time and am really looking forward to seeing it!

StupidTeenagersMust-4775d ago

3 was so much fun. The rain effects look amazing too. =]

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The story is too old to be commented.