Nunchuk as flightstick leads The Sky Crawlers to fail on Wii

ARS: The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces is based off an anime series, and developed by Project Aces (Ace Combat series)... so it's no surprise that the animated cut-scenes and in-game dialog tends toward the overwrought. We'll leave the story alone-although it actually is somewhat interesting-so we can talk about the control scheme. The game tries something most Wii gamers aren't used to: by having you hold the nunchuk controller in your right hand and the Wiimote in your left hand, it simulates holding a flight stick and throttle.

It's a very unique way of dealing with flying on the Nintendo Wii, but does it work? After playing the game for hours last night, I can report that the experiment, sadly, seems to be a failure.

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