10° Q&A Interview with Aventurine on the Rise of Darkfall in 2010

"A few weeks ago, the Darkfall community expressed an interest in getting a chance to fire off some questions to Aventurine about a variety of gameplay topics as well as some of their future plans. I passed along the idea to the devs, and they agreed to field questions from the community of current players.

After the questions were posted, I compiled them all together and screened out the duplicate topics and overly vague questions and passed them along to Aventurine. I also made each player sign their in-game Darkfall name to their submitted question for accountability reasons.

We made an effort to answer every question sent to us as well as we could. If we seem vague or incomplete on a few things, it's because they aren't finalized. Tasos Flambouras, Claus Grovdal and Kjetil Helland participated in this Q&A."

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