The DS2 - what can we expect?

Nintendo's next generation handheld may be as little as 15 months off. How will it compare to the existing DS? VideoGamesDaily investigates.

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dirigiblebill3202d ago

I'd say it's quite probable Nintendo will just carry on releasing new models of the existing DS FOREVER...

MK_Red3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

True but hey, why even bother with new models when you can just repackage the old ones? They repackaged DS Phat and resold it as DS XL. People still pay for it (Sadly).

Edwin853202d ago

I hope they don't make it any bigger. The widescreen model is too chunky.

leper6413202d ago

DS1 revisions getting a little OTT with the DSi XL right...

And to think some people actually own all of them

badz1493202d ago

to be honest, don't even keep your hope too high! I don't think their DS2 will even better the current PSP's resolution! knowing Nintendo, they'll milk the hell out of the current DS specs for quite some time! there's a saying "why innovate if you can still dominate" - ok, actually I just came out with that! :P

duplissi3202d ago

two words: worthless crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.