Playstation Underground Official Resistance: Fall of Man Tournament

This was taken from the forums. They have a clan [HCA] section with a screenshot from the email Playstation Underground sent.

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Lord Anubis4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

nice, time to
kick some arse in style.

MoonDust4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

Tournaments are always fun, especially if you win.

Elite-uk4729d ago

I see things still havn't changed much then, when will us european's get a shot at an official tourny.....same thing happend with battlefield 2 modern combat!.

Maddens Raiders4729d ago

I'm in the N4G clan and personally could use some more practice before I hit up any tournaments for any real bounty. I'm not bad, just need more practice with clan in order to tighten things up, ya know wanna be an anchor not a paperweight.

a/w RFOM has really turned out to be one hell of a first effort from Imsomniac on the PS3. Just makes me mire in FUD trying to imagine what Guerilla's done w/ KZ2.

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