Resistance: Fall of Man goes multi-platinum

Resistance: Fall of Man was obviously the game of choice at the launch of the PlayStation 3, but nobody knew exactly how successful it would be. Some feared that the great game would be wasted as a launch title, as sales would be limited to relatively small quantities of owners. This has not turned out to be the case.

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Lord Anubis4739d ago

Nice, so its going for the greatest hits I assume. To qualify it must be 6 to 1 year and must have sold 1 million copies?

DrWan4739d ago

let's hope they keep the "Greatest Hit" tradition and sell it for 29.99? right?

LeonSKennedy4Life4738d ago

Sony Greatest Hits are only 19.99. You might be thinking of another system...

Yeah, dude below...I thought so too. It looked like Multi-Platform at first. SCARED ME!!!

Arutha4738d ago

LOL. I read it the same way. I was curious who was going to port it over to the 360, but I guess you can forget that. =) Maybe if I drink some more beer I can read straight.

Systematrix4738d ago

Me too! I was thinking "I bet the achievements are going to be hard for the 360". Good game though, deserves multi-platinum status.

Snake_Doctor4738d ago

I'd like to say it's possible but I doubt it with UT, Haze, HL2 and other FPS coming out.
But coming off of the latest publicity (CoE) which I would say was handled pretty well, and the online tourney coming up http://tourney.myresistance... it may be possible.
Good luck to all that enter but if you see me coming at you with the shottie just know that there wasn't a chance for you anyway. lol

Dood add me PSN:Tdub0187

LeonSKennedy4Life4738d ago

If you see the name JacobIsHollywood on your screen, don't be surprised...

You won't see me, however. I have other methods...

PSN: JacobIsHollywood

Blasphemy4738d ago

This is crazy! This game may be a system seller after all. 2 million copies of this sold to less then 3.5 million PS3 owners.

Kleptic4738d ago

yeah dude...nearly 2/3 of the ps3 owners own this game...and it defintiely is great...I have just played the crap out of it, being that there is nothing else really worthwhile...after I get tired of Vegas in the coming weeks I will definitely get back into this...

Adamalicious4738d ago

I bought my PS3 at launch because of this game - I, like most folks, wait for a game a HAVE to play before buying a console. Wasn't much waiting with PS3. Insomniac rules.

SDS Gamerfiend4738d ago

That`s the ONLY good game for the ps3 duh!

Satanas4738d ago

I actually agree with Gamerfiend to some degree, it's really the standout. When I decided to get my PS3, I was pretty much set on getting R:FoM and that was it. Definitely a great game, probably a system seller for many PS3 owners.

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The story is too old to be commented.