5 Great PC Game Mods

There's no better way to breathe new life into an aging title than with a good mod. MyGaming has compiled a list of five that are sure to chase away boredom.

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execution173250d ago

wish i was able to do those on consoles

JsonHenry3250d ago

FOOK2 should be DLed for ANYONE that enjoyed Fallout3. It really makes it a whole new (BETTER!!!) experience.

Jager3250d ago

The lack of Desert Combat for BF1942 is disturbing...

Tony P3250d ago

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.

So good I can't play Oblivion without it. It adds so much depth and diversity to nearly every area of the game. I just can't play the console versions because of it.

raztad3250d ago

Red Orchestra is an awesome mod, ultra realistic WWII (soviet front) combat, weaponry. RO:Osfront 41-45 is still being played.

ATi_Elite3250d ago

WOW these MODs are awesome!

Don't forget Priboi Story - Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl New weapons, gameplay, story, and graphics enhancement.

I Love the Modding community Thanks for your innovative hard work.
So while developers make crappy Xbox ports for the PC I'll play Mods

Lost memories, finding craps of a book for clues, ghost, interactive horror puzzle solving....

Alan Wake....Nooooo Dear Ester MOD. this is so funny