DICE explains BFBC2 server policy

DICE has told Eurogamer there is "no profit" made from forcing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 players to rent dedicated servers instead of building their own.

Producer Gordon Van Dyke said files the community needs to build dedicated servers are being withheld in order to "protect the game's integrity on PC".

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chak_3201d ago

yeah right, no profit selecting "partners"

we're not THAT dumb guys ;)

FantasyStar3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

The guy who sent DICE his $60 must be pissed off right now.

"protect the game's integrity on PC". My ass. Pull another IW why don'cha?

Baka-akaB3201d ago

Who even cares if their isnt profit for them , bottom line is it doesnt benefits gamers .

1233603201d ago

i heard the ps3 was getting dedicated servers for this as well,some contract rights to do with why the ps3 had the beta,also medal of honour it can,t be right can it?

ghostspyke3201d ago

if there is any profit made by "selecting" partners for the servers i think it will be the gamers. im sure DICE is working on a deal that will include cheaper servers in exchange for a particular company being selected as one of DICE's rent-able servers.. perhaps thats too much faith in DICE, but they really do make decisions with their fan-base in mind. thats something that was really special to DICE and infinity ward until modern warfare 2 came out. now it is just DICE who cares about their fans.
this isn't too big a hit anyway, from what i understand most people rent their dedicated servers and share payment with their clans. so this isn't really a loss.

chak_3201d ago

that's completly naive, but that would be great :)

Saryk3201d ago

Not a game breaker for me. Just got to save up for 4 copies.

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