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The latest GamesTM review scores include Mass Effect 2, Dark Void, Darksiders, and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

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mjolliffe4637d ago

Good result for Mass Effect 2, but Darksiders deserves more than a 6 in my opinion. At least a 7, if not 8.

Bungie4637d ago

looks like da 360 is getting it's second AAA game this year

Darkeyes4637d ago (Edited 4637d ago )

^^^^ More like 360 and PC. Can't wait to get my hands on this

lelo2play4637d ago

Nice... 10 for Mass Effect 2 is not bad at all. Really anxious about the game.

Don't agree with the 6 for Darksiders. It deserves way more then that.

duplissi4637d ago

perfect score? how silly, glad its shaping up to be a great game though.

Ravage274637d ago (Edited 4637d ago )

but Darksiders a 6?!?! Seriously? I'm having a hard time believing Dark Void is of the same calibre.

Congrats to Bioware and ME2,the first one didn't really impress me but i will give this one a go. Hope the specs needed to play the sequel doesn't differ too much from the original

StanLee4637d ago

I'm enjoying Darksiders though the screen tearing NEEDS to be patched, it deserves a higher score. Not surprised by the Mass Effect 2 score. I expect more of the same in the coming weeks.

SoX FireBlade4637d ago

I haven't played DarkSiders but it looks like it deserve 7 or 8

can't wait for ME2 !!

Christopher4637d ago

Yeah, their scores for Darksiders and Dark Void are off in my opinion. And Mass Effect 2 at a 10? I'm hoping, but very doubtful it deserves that high of a score. And I'm saying this as someone who kisses the ground on which BioWare walks.

WildArmed4637d ago

Mass effect 2 seems to have got what it deserves (BIOWARE FTW)
But I'm surprised to see Darksiders so low

ReservoirDog3164636d ago

Good scores for the 2 games I care about: ME2 and Silent Hill. Of course we all knew ME2 was gonna be great though.

I have to stay strong and not buy them though. Too many games left to play (7 now). Can't justify another purchase. It will be hard though with ME2.

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Valay4637d ago

So...The only other reviews for Mass Effect 2 are PC Gamer (90%) and the Xbox Magazine (9.5), right?

Oh, and for those wondering why Silent Hill is being reviewed now, it's because the game doesn't come out until February in Europe.

green4637d ago

GamesTM are usually very strict, so a 10 for Mass Effect from them is astonishing.

BeaArthur4637d ago

Glad to see the Mass Effect 2 score but I am kind of surprised by the Darksiders score. I haven't played it yet but from what I hear it deserves more than a 6.

4637d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.