A peek at Aliens vs. Predator Hunter Edition graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics

The Aliens vs. Predator Hunter Edition will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, in both the UK and North America. The Hunter Edition is some great fan service, which SEGA has wrapped up in a package that includes:

- Aliens vs. Predator game disc
- Access to 4 multiplayer maps, before they are released to the public
- Fully articulated Facehugger model
- Dark Horse Comics graphic novel (US only)
- Weyland-Yutani patch
- 3D lenticular postcard
- Limited Edition packaging

As an even better bonus for Aliens vs. Predator fans in North America, included is the comic that inspired the films and this new game from SEGA, Dark Horse Comics' Aliens vs. Predator graphic novel. Get a peek at the Aliens vs. Predator Dark Horse graphic novel here.

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ASSASSYN 36o3197d ago

LOL! I already have that AVP comic.