E3 Change Analysis

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, known to gamers everywhere as E3, is the dream of any hardcore video gamer. For over a decade, the gaming industry has congregated during E3, showcasing their hottest games, debuting their newest games, and deluging any gamer with an ear to the ground with more info on video games than they could possibly process. While E3 has always been the time for new gaming information, it has also been known as a little melodramatic and showy, with giant gaudy booths, scantily clad booth babes, and more atmosphere than air. All of this came to a close after lasts year E3, when many companies banded together to reform the gaming expo, making it much smaller and more focused. However, is this new E3 better for the gaming industry? Will this be the first step towards making gaming a more respected business? Or is this just a ploy to take the fun out of gaming?

With the new E3 right around the corner, Cheat Code Central reflects on the changes and if they will affect the industry for better or worse.

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Rhezin4777d ago

Wish I could go to E3 or knew somebody that goes that could get me in. :(

TruthHurts4777d ago


Will they deliver? Yes.

Its time for THEIR GeOW.

get ready.

iceice1234776d ago (Edited 4776d ago )

M$ will dominate this years E3, they have so much more going for them. Can't wait either way, though. This is one of, if not the greatest year for gaming.

Diselage4776d ago

The Wii may surprise everyone, there is quite a bit they've been holding back.

Bloodmask4776d ago (Edited 4776d ago )

that E3 has been scaled down a bit. Hopefully smaller third party companies and maybe even some Indy developers will be able to afford some floor space now. If big name 3rd parties and 1st parties rule E3 it will drown out a lot of creativity from the industry.

Diselage4776d ago

More creativity and more diversity as well. And it's not like the big three are not having huge announcements so it's pretty much the same for outsiders.

Lucidmantra4776d ago

indy and smaller devs will get EIEIO soon enough if E3 gets all full of it self and forgets that games are ABOUT ...... FUN!

Not arguing on N4g... they are about fun.

drtysouf214776d ago

I think this will be the best on!