JIG: Pictogrid Review

JIG writes: "Some puzzles are so immediately daunting, like the Gordian knot, or a 500-piece monochrome jigsaw, that they intimidate all but the boldest from even attempting them. Others are so simple that after a few lackluster, perfunctory undertakings, the prospective puzzler begins to wonder if there is a point. Then there are those sneaky puzzles, the ones where the solution seems simple, such that the puzzler, in his hubris, imagines himself to be on the brink of victory. Then the chink in all his stratagems, so confidently conceived, is laid manifest, compelling a complete reevaluation of tactics. These puzzles are brain-benders in the most exemplary sense, and Pictogrid, a sliding-tile puzzle from Ian Lilley, is at its best an example of just this sort of puzzle."

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