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PS3 and Wii game pricing revealed??

Best Buy Canada now has listings of PS3 and Wii games. $70 for a Wii game and $75 for a PS3 game. I thought Wii games were supposed to be cheap...

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CAPS LOCK6345d ago

its ok games will work out to be £35-£45 which is ok or even if they are not i can import games for ps3 whuch will work out cheeper.( i will need to learn japaneese first=)

benihya6345d ago

those prices are in canadian dollars = $60 to $65 american dollars.
Not bad not good

Bishop6345d ago

Seems like its not enough to hurt either company but I still would have liked cheaper, especially for the Wii games.

Retard6344d ago

Exchange rate is US$1.00 to LU$1.16

Wii games should be like 35$; Especially if 4 games outweight what the system is basically worth.

Captain Tuttle6345d ago

That's about US$61 for the Wii games and US$65 or so for the PS3.
Edit: beaten by seconds!

Bishop6345d ago

It could be true but isn't Best Buy the same people who are taking reserves for Final Fantasy VII and Halo 3 leaving rumors that both games will be released this year? But it does appear to be a Best Buy web site.