Gran Turismo 5: Online Mode Details, Hybrid and Electro Cars Confirmed

In a recent interview Kazunori Yamauchi from Polyphony Digital talked about some new details of Gran Turismo 5. For example there will be electro and hybrid cars and players will be able to set up car clubs and racing leagues. He also talked about the rumored track editor.

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Shadow Flare3202d ago

OMG DID I READ THAT RIGHT? You can set up car clubs? This is something I always thought GT5 should have. When racing online, instead of creating clans, you make racing teams to race other teams. Omg thats so epic

Bungie3202d ago

lots of exiting features
i can see it being the best driving sim

Cyrax_873202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

in another topic you said you won't be buying GT5 because there are no porches. who are you trying to fool?

edit: wow, check out the pics that sidescroll at the bottom. pic number 4 looks freaking real and in pic 6 you can clearly see the crowd are 3D and look more 'life life' and not just 2D cutouts.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3202d ago

Seriously though, car clubs? Interesting...

BYE3202d ago

Track editor is unnecessary I think. There are other games for that.

You could add features forever, but then the game will never be finished.

aaron58293201d ago

now thats one great feature..

i sure hope to have free practices though... no class limitations... no racing against each other.. just go to a particular track... and just drive... with 15 other players online.

like in a real track... everyone bring their cars to a track, and just drive.. really cool imo.

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ClownBelt3202d ago

God damn it! It seems like they're trying to add whatever cars they can think of. They're trying to polish the game like hell. Seems to me like this is the ONLY GT(not prologue) that will be release on the PS3's life time.

hagla3202d ago

he answered with a smile on his face so it could be true

dalibor3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Either that or he just piledrived some poonanny the day before. I know that makes me smile as I am sure it would put a smile on your face also. Women you can't live with them but you can't live without them. But if there is a track editor than I can see myself playing this game for the rest of the PS3's life cycle. I bet there will be some downloadable cars too.

Ravage273202d ago

i'm anxious to play GT5 and all these juicy interviews are not helping one bit :(

mfwahwah3201d ago

Or he smiled because he thinks his fans are jumping to conclusions.

Or because it's actually planned for GT6.

Or because they tried it and decided to leave it out.

Or because it'll be DLC.

Don't jump to conclusions.

Wrathman3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

postin an evo 9 jusy made you look

it is beautiful tho.anyone know how to build a rig for a steering wheel?

i red an article in the finance section of the newspaper yesterday that said this game was delayed indefinately!

dalibor3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Great vid Ken. Here is something else that will spice up your day. The original GT intro. [email protected] tune right here. Gets me pumped up to drive. It's been a long time I can't believe how time has flown by.

iron_sheik3202d ago

<250k in US and <800k worldwide

@wrathbot above
dont worry GT5 will outsell all junk box 360 games in 2010. It will sell millions at launch

unlike flopza3=biggest flop of 2009.MS is canning the flopza franchise. any word on that?

Halo3 MLG Pro3202d ago

Electro and hybrid cars??? LMAO! Is this for the Grandma mode? Seriously Poly Digital, way to add useless cars to make your list bigger.

How's that Porche list looking like? LMAO!!!

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

You'd be surprised how sporty those car can be, not to mention the few supercars out there that run electric.

I know this site grants you the ability to comment whenever and however you like... but for your sake, try to tone it down a little.

You might lose a bubble or two ;)

Halo3 MLG Pro3202d ago

If you want to drive dream sports cars like the Porche... buy Forza 3. If you want to save gas and drive at an average speed with low acceleration and bad maneuvering like the hybrids... buy GT5.

LMAO! To funny.

3202d ago
ClownBelt3202d ago

Lmao at buy Forza 3 just to play a Porche.

Anyways, Grandma mode FTW! Good one. Haha

Shadow Flare3202d ago

You do know GT5 has RUF which are modified porsches right? You did know that right mlgpro? I mean you're not a complete idiot are you? Cos I was a bit confused why you'd think a game with 400 cars somehow has a better car line up then the game with 1000 cars

dalibor3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Why the hate for GT5? I don't understand. GT5 will help push racing sims forward just like Forza 3 & that is a great thing(as far as consoles go). As a racing fan I think both games are great, sue me if you don't like it. Take your hate in the open zone. Let's get N4G to be a great, social gaming community again & be rid of people degrading other people & games, at least in the fricking gamer zone. The forums area are so much more peacefull.

Shadow Flare
Who's to say he even played a GT game before? We don't know but it sounds like he never did.

bigboss9113202d ago
Ferdinand Porsche made hybrids b4 anyone else.. and then stopped cause it wasnt needed.. now 100 years later Hybrids are now being developed...... Porsche should change the slogan to "Porsche....100 years ahead of you." Dude was a freaking genius and way ahead of his time, and so was his son.

Microsoft Xbox 3603202d ago

Sorry Halo3 MLG you're laughing for no reason at all. Are you suggesting that we should buy Forza 3 that has arcade-like physics to drive a Porsche? That right there is laughable.

jrm1253202d ago

"low acceleration and bad maneuvering like the hybrids"

Are you being serious? Electric provides nearly instant torque and there are a bevy of electric sports cars hitting the market. Check out the Tesla for a start. If you're going to pull all your electric/hybrid knowledge from Top Gear, you may want to try to do a little extra research.

And bad maneuvering has to do typically with crap suspension or battery placement...both rectifiable for a sports car. Things like a Prius aren't designed with sports in mind.

Wow, what a troll.

proximately3202d ago

Your idiocy is astounding to me. You are aware that there is room for many more improvements (tons of more improvements probably) with electric cars than gasoline driven cars.

Either way, I'm glad as long as I get to drive a Mustang. Looking forward to this game, seems I won't need any other racing game on the PS3... ever.

GT6 for PS4?

gamer01234563202d ago


hybrid mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm gay


harrisk9543202d ago

You are an idiot... the Tesla goes 0-60 in 4 seconds.

mrv3213202d ago

Like that containing such super cars as the MIGHT Ford GT40... oh wait Ford Fiesta... what?

Racing like guns isn't about the gun but what you can do with it, sure it's a challenge to drive a Ferrari but it's no less a challenge to win a race when the competition are idencial and the smallest mistake can cause a loss.

mfwahwah3201d ago


He won't lose bubbles because of his multiple accounts.

Foliage3201d ago

Unlike Forza, driving different cars actually feel different. No gimmicks. So having a diverse offering is more useful in a game like GT5. Besides, GT5 has way more cars than Forza 3, and they are half a million polys each, so one car alone is the equivalent of like 25 Forza 3 cars... That's right kid, shut up.

Porsche hasn't been important for years. Who cares about Porsche? They have always been stagnant, but I see why Forza 3 would want to include them, all the good cars are in GT5, they took whatever they could.

And really... RUF>>>>>Porsche

aaron58293201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

i guess you got bored with forza 3 ... trolling in every gt5 articles..

if you really want the porche.. go back to your forza 3.... why trolling in n4g ?

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