Halo: Reach takes series to a 'new level' - Microsoft

Title can be 2010's biggest game on any console, publisher tells CVG

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Bungie3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

not surprised

Halo is the most innovative franchise ever

Halo invented FPS on consoles
Halo got the best Multiplayer of all time and invented it on consoles
Halo have Forge(map editor),theater mode,file's 2010 i can't believe other games still don't have that
4player local co op etc
i can go on all day

Nuff said

Xwow20083201d ago

Rofl .

And Bungie plz tell me what are u smoking.

Hellsvacancy3201d ago

Gotta love that word "innovative"

Bungie3201d ago


i smoke cigar
what's your point ?

MajestieBeast3201d ago

Lol map editor i already had that in timesplitters 2 goldeneye was the first good fps on consoles. Halo and innovative 2 words that should never be used in 1 sentence just like Microsoft and quality.

Fair-Play3200d ago

To be fair Halo did invent the Modern FPS on consoles. Where do you think COD4 came from? Alot of the stuff in that game was borrowed from halo.

Some say Golden Eye and to a point that's true. But until Halo PC FPS's where vastly superior Gold Eye was good for its day but you couldn't even look up or down easily and it was basically auto aim. Halo started its life as a Mac game and took everything that made PC shooters great and brought that to consoles.

Denying Halo invented Modern console shooters if only something a fanboy would do. Halo was a special game indeed I still remember the LAN party's with my mates back in high school 8 of us playing together. Say what you like about 2 and 3 but to deny Halo the glory it rightly deserves its pathetic no matter how much you smoke Sony ____.

Xwow20083200d ago

what brand of cigar because i wana try it, u know i want try to live in fantasy world like u :P

diatom3200d ago


Claiming Halo invented Modern console shooters if only something a fanboy would do.

It's a great game not because it is innovative but because it took a lot of good ideas from other places, its what Microsoft has always done.

militant073200d ago

I spent few minuets looking @ your comment history, and clearly your are troller, and I was sick reading the word Uncharted 2 multiple times in almost every single page in your history.

so is uncharted 2 what you call innovative? if not why dont you post a negative comment on one of uncharted 2 aritcle mentioning its lack of orginality!

Blitzkid3200d ago

The Hale Series except the first title which was very innovative in my eyes is averagy, so why should Reach be so damn good?

table3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

CoD4 developed from its PC counterparts not Halo. I still agree though that Halo was the benchmark for console FPS but people talk like we wouldn't have shooters as they are today if it wasn't for that game. This is not true, games like timesplitters and medal of honour and many other FPS were already beginning to go down this route on consoles so nothing was infact invented by the game. Despite this Halo is still one of the best shooters made.

TotalPS3Fanboy3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Microsoft have been known to outwardly lie about everything, even something with so much evidence, like the RRoD.

LazyDevs3200d ago

No this site is taking it to a whole new level. The F#$king constant ad's i have to mute or pause is getting annoying. And until this is fixed this site can kiss my @ss. I dont have a problem going to a couple of websites for my gaming info.

MajestieBeast3200d ago

Sure miliant im a troll we all are if we dont agree with halo/360 fanboys.

Saaking3200d ago

Ever play Goldeneye or Perfect Dark? I have a feeling this is your first generation of gaming.

nix3200d ago

that was f*cking funny.. q:

likedamaster3200d ago

Funny to see Halo enthusiast badmouthing this game. Oh wait... they're fanboys from the other side.

on topic/
The hype is commencing. I'm already hyped for this game so I won't be paying attention to these adds, just adding my 2 cents.

dorkride663200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

putting on there hoodies and going to secretly purchase Halo Reach at mid night launch. Run home after purchase put game in there super PC cause they don not own a 360 (/S) STAY UP ALL NIGHT PLAYING REACH and enjoy the hell out of it, only to come back on N4G and post the following:

From the videos I have seen Reach is generic.
Kill zone 2 ownes REACH in every way.
10 millions copies the first week - sales do not make a game great
Milk Halo the next Mario
MAG will be game of the
RROD says hi (yes Sony [email protected] still use that one)
Wait till the GEM and 3d hit stores, stupid HALO.

cliffbo3200d ago


please tell me what is innovative about halo 1 2 or 3 or reach ?

there are plenty of games out there alot better than any of the halo games the only reason it is so successful is because of the way MS shoves adds in ya face and tells all the sheep out there to buy it.

taylork373200d ago


Every Halo game introduced something new that is was very innovative.

Halo 1 was innovative in the way that it brought actual usable fps controls to the console. It also was the first good multiplayer where you could play with more than just the 4 people on the console through system link. What other game at the time could you plug into a network and have everyone on the same network play with you?

Halo 2 REVOLUTIONIZED the matchmaking system that EVERY game you see today is based off of.

Halo 3 was not only a great multiplayer game, but it also introduced the theater and replay system that Uncharted 2 copies exactly.

Not only were they innovative, but they were all really good games. Obviously we don't know too much about Reach, but you can count on Bungie introducing something new that we have not seen yet.

bobrea3200d ago

Halo didn't "invent" map editors. This franchise is being milked and anyone who thinks a shiny new graphics engine will change that is wrong.

mfwahwah3200d ago


As if. I'm a SONY fanboy.

The ONLY FPS games I own are Battlefield 2, Resistance, and Turok on N64.

2cents3200d ago

make all the babies cry!

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3200d ago

Halo bought online multiplayer on quite a bit. Funny how fanoys cant accept that...

But FPS was established on consoles before Halo

offwhiteazn3200d ago

this "article" is pure flamebait.

otherZinc3200d ago

Will be the game of the year by all standards. Also, in the month of its release, it will move at least 500k consoles.

This game is going to be big, Bungies quality has and will never be in question. Reach is going to be Epic!

Traveler3200d ago

Bungie chose the wrong word when he said "invented", because there were previous shooters on consoles. What Halo did do is bring the shooter genre to a whole new level on consoles. Every shooter after it had a much higher standard to live up to and all of them have borrowed ideas from Halo in one way or another. To this day Halo is still one of the premier shooter franchises on consoles. I really can't wait until Halo Reach comes out.

Steve_03200d ago

Ever heard of Goldeneye of Perfect Dark?
Listen, Halo did well to perfect controls for console shooters, and did bring new things to the table. I'd agree wholeheartedly that the multiplayer is excellent and insanely addicting, which I find comes from creativity in weapon design (and excellent balancing) as well as the maps.
However, while I certainly enjoyed all aspects of Halo CE, and I did still enjoy Halo 2's multiplayer, and co-op, my opinion is that the single player campaign wasnt up to scratch with CE. I honestly never enjoyed either the multiplayer or single player of Halo 3, and ODST to me could have been so much more.

From this I just get the feeling that the series is declining, and that Bungie are no longer giving it there all (can you really say ODST or Wars was their best effort?). Dont get me wrong, Halo 3 still does things that im pissed games like Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 dont, like local multiplayer, and even though it was a bit generic, I do like the Halo universe, but single player campaigns are the biggest part of a game for me (my multiplayer fix comes from PES and FIFA these days), and the amount of polished quality you see in titles like Uncharted 2 just blows away anything I saw in Halo 3, even for the time. You just get the sense that they actually want to create an original experience, and push the boundaries of gaming as a whole.
I don't know, I'd love for Reach to be everything that it's hyped to be, but I just don't think that it'll pull a Killzone 2 and meet expectations.

Halo is a great series, I still enjoy playing Halo CE. I respect your opinion, but don't try to make it out as more than that, you sound unreasonably biased, akin to someone who won't accept any compromise in an argument, who won't let up a millimeter of their ground. Please don't give everyone else the impression that Halo has been reduced to your childish posts. There's no need.

Pistolero3200d ago

All the Halo games have been top notch in my opinion....they have all scored really well and sold really well....I have high hopes for Reach and I know that Bungie will deliver an amazing game.

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ThePostalDudeX3201d ago

With the new engine it will be even better, Maybe no more classic stock death pose? I can't wait to see what they do with this game.

Xwow20083201d ago

But if i remember i heard MS saying the same thing about halo3, but in the end halo3 was more of the same halo + new weapons(it was good tho).

Its idd that halo reach is looking to introduce new game play elements but( from what i read for now) not close to the word "new level" as MS saying.

Time will tell. :)

Halo3 MLG Pro3200d ago


Spell Check is your friend.

Hyrius3201d ago

"Title can be 2010's biggest game on any console"


Staircase3201d ago

That's a bit of a REACH.

MorganX3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

With its installed based that will automatically buy another sequel, it could and probably will be. Though I love Live! and think the Xbox is a great console, I've always thought Halo was rather, weak.

1) I don't particularly care for 1st Person Shooters. The genre is overexposed.

2) I prefer 3rd person shooter ala Gears and Lost Planet

3) I hate pig-like, cheesy, grammar school, animal and plant aliens. I mean, give me aliens that don't make me feel stupid for playing with them. Alien, Predator, Dead Space. Give me those kind of aliens. The talking Lizard is real, real weak. I just can't do it and that's Halo for me.

edit: Mulitplayer is OK and doesn't suffer from most of the above but I prefer the pace of Gears and Lost Planet. You can actually see what's happening and thus it is more than the best twich reflexes or map memory wins.

CWMR3200d ago

-It almost certainly will be 2010's biggest title. The only other game on the PS3 that can possibly come close would be GT5, but I'm not convinced that it will do as well as Halo Reach.-

aaron58293201d ago

lets see...

new weapons... new characters... new worlds... new settings...

New Level indeed...

oh... yea.. new engine...


Noone can deny it !

Leio3201d ago

They talk shlt before they´ll do it again

Noone can deny it !

MorganX3200d ago

Yeah, but will it have new Lizard-people?