Eternal Sonata Screenshots

On his deathbed, Chopin, the famous composer, drifts between this life and the next. In his dreams, happenstance encounters with a young girl facing a terrible destiny and the boy who will fight to save her, leads to Chopin's discovery of the light that shines in each of us in this enduring tale of good and evil, love and betrayal.

With gorgeous next gen visuals and style, a unique battle system, and a captivating story, Eternal Sonata promises to give Xbox 360 fans the RPG they've been waiting for.

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Xeoset4235d ago

Holy crap this looks amazing!


Bloodmask4235d ago

I have always been a Namco fan. The only thing that sucks is that I am going to have to decide on this or Blue Dragon if they are released at around the same time. Don't want to pick up two RPGs at the same time.

Xeoset4235d ago

BD = August
ES = September
LO = December
ME = October

PlayStation3604234d ago

Agreed bro. The worst thing you can do is get 2 rpg's at the same time and play between both. YOU'D NEVER FINISH THEM. And not to mention its harder to get into the story when you constantly switch between games. lol Anyways, I'm looking more forward to Eternal Sonata. That one has really caught my interest. Well, other than Fable 2. But thats for a different post.